Betta Fins Are Splitting

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Forums' started by Ejmonahan, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. EjmonahanNew MemberMember

    Hey guys, so I’ve had my tank set up a while now and it’s been smooth sailing up until this point...

    My first fish in the tank we’re 4 harlequin Rasboras, I then added my betta, and everything was fine. Then I added a Cory and two otos and once again no issues. I then added two panda Corys and thats when a shift started. Someone started attacking my betta. And his fins are beginning to split :( I originally thought it had to be one of the panda corrys (one chases my betta away when he starts eating the algae pellet). However I’m starting to second guess this. I added four cardinal tetras this week hoping some other fish might give some distraction. That’s when I noticed, my biggest Rasbora has been going after and nipping at the new cardinals, my betta, and the other Rasboras. He even goes after the corrys sometimes. I’ve had harlequin Rasboras before and this has never been an issue. I’m contemplating adding more to focus the nipping on the school rather then the other fish, but I’m worried it’s just going to make things worse. Can anyone give me some input on what to do? I love the Rasboras but my betta is my #1. Also, how should I go about treating my Bettas fins? He seems very content and happy still, but It keeps getting worse and worse.
  2. RepolieWell Known MemberMember

    I don't know how you should go about stocking the tank, but if your betta keeps getting nipped and it's getting worse, then I think he should be in his own tank.

    Fins can be easily healed with clean water. Optional additives such as Indian almond leaves or Stressguard have therapeutic and antiseptic properties which can help promote the healing process.
  3. dalton12Valued MemberMember

    You should move him into his own tank and treat him with something like stressguard or another medication with healing properties
  4. EjmonahanNew MemberMember

    I just ordered, a new 5 gallon for him. They of course waited till I got rid of his original tank to start nipping at him. Once it’s up and running I’ll get him out of there and on his own again. I guess my main question now is what I should do with this aggressive Rasbora? It’s still harassing all the other fish in the tank