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betta fins are split

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by tejas, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. tejas Valued Member Member

    Git a new betta , a veil tail , have him in a 1gal unheated unfiltered bowl. got him yestaday , I will have to keep him there till I can get him a 3gal tank, I woke up today and saw his fins are split I dnt know whether it got split because of the net or he hurt himself . Will it mend again,

  2. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Good morning,

    With pristine water conditions the fins should mend on their own. I hope you can upgrade the fishes accommodations soon as these fish do need a heated filtered aquarium. Keep an eye of the fish for infections such as Fin Rot.

    Until you can upgrade, I would suggest daily water changes and Prime Water Conditioner.

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    Thanks! Best wishes for your fish!


  3. _Fried_Bettas_ Well Known Member Member


  4. tejas Valued Member Member

    I am gona get him a filter and 3gal tank but I dnt need a heater because we in winter here and the temperature in my house is always at 27 or 28 degrees celsius. I am using tetra aquasafe is it the same as prime.
  5. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member


    Here is a link to different Water Conditioners and what they do:


    They are not the same. I highly recommend using Prime Water Conditioner.

  6. BornThisWayBettas Fishlore VIP Member

    I agree with what Aquarist said......
  7. CindiL Fishlore Legend Member

    If you're going to get a 3g, I would just go for a 5g, rectangle tank, they are inexpensive and your water parameters, not to mention your betta will be much happier in a bigger tank. It might seem like a lot but its not and will allow you to do weekly water changes and not have him getting fin rot all the time. Plus once you add plants and decorations it fills up fast.

    I love the Tom mini internal filter, it will keep his water clean and aerated. It has a small spray arm and won't blow a betta around:


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  8. tejas Valued Member Member

    Hi, is the tom mini internal filter better than the dolphin KF-150. And by adding too much of tetra aquasafe will it harm him I tend to put alot.
  9. Dom90 Fishlore VIP Member

    I personally have a Tetra Whisper 3i for my 2.5 betta tank.

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  10. tejas Valued Member Member

    I have the dophin KF-150 internal filter for my 5 gallon tank n it works great n its small and compact.
  11. Dom90 Fishlore VIP Member

    Don't think we have that in the US

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  12. MtnTiger Well Known Member Member

    Agree 100% with what Aquarist said. My wife rescued one that had terrible spilt fins and now several weeks later in his own 5 gal tank he is cured. Just wish we had gone with a 10 gal instead of the 5.
  13. tejas Valued Member Member

    I wish I can have em in a 5gallons bt I have space for a 3gal only.
  14. Dom90 Fishlore VIP Member

    A 5g doesn't take that much more room than a 3G...

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  15. thefishdude277 Well Known Member Member

    Yea, you can easily fit a 5 gallon on a bedside table

  16. tejas Valued Member Member

    Ok il get him a 5g