Betta Finrot Please Help

  1. Olivia Knestrict Member Member

    I have a male betta that I've had for a little over a month now. I've had no problems, and the cycle started and was going well. Earlier this week, I was cleaning out his tank and I decided to wipe down his filter which I hadn't done since I got him. Just the plastic inside parts, not anything with the cartridges. 2 days later, about half of his back fin is missing, and it's all white on the ends. I immediately changed his water and put some prime in stability in thinking maybe I crashed his cycle. I've been keeping it very clean since then and putting stability in. Ammonia is at 0, Nitrite is at 0, and Nitrate is at 10. Now, even more of his fin is missing and it's still white. Please, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm really worried about him. Thanks.
  2. Olivia Knestrict Member Member

  3. AngelTheGypsy Fishlore VIP Member

    Can you post a photo?
  4. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    Anyway you can post a picture?

  5. Olivia Knestrict Member Member

    He's so squirmy it's hard to get a good picture. But here's what I could get.

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  6. AngelTheGypsy Fishlore VIP Member

    His fins do look frayed, but the "white" on the ends actually looks like clean new growth. @KimberlyG do you see something I don't?
  7. Olivia Knestrict Member Member

    There's a pretty sizable chunk of his fin missing. And when I woke up and saw it, there was a lot of white on the ends. Now, 4 days later a lot of the white has gone away, but the fin is still getting shorter.:(

  8. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    No @AngelTheGypsy , I am seeing what you are seeing. I do see new growth on the ends. Frequent water changes help with fin wear. These long fins were not make for swimming. They go thru cycles of thinning and healing. Is the betta acting differently? I have looked at the pic where the caudal looks whitish, I was thinking it was just the lighting. I know of no illness that causes this discoloration.
  9. Olivia Knestrict Member Member

    He seems fine behavior wise. I'm going on vacation for 6 days starting this weekend. I don't have anyone that can really take care of him while I'm gone, and I haven't heard good things about the vacation feeders. Normally I do a partial water change once a week, and I have a friend that can stop by and feed him about halfway through the week. I know they can go a while without eating. But this has made me a lot more worried about leaving him. Do you think he'll be okay while I'm gone?
  10. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    Olivia, I just got back from 14 of vacation. I left a grown son with the task of feeding the tanks every other day while we were gone. When I got back I checked all the fish. All were accounted for, all looked healthy, none at the top...none at the bottom. It was not until I opened the pill boxes that I had loaded with feeding doses that I realized the fish had only been fed twice in 14 days. While I started to get very irritated, I began to realize that he may have done a favor for my bettas that live in 3.5gal tanks. After testing, I did not have a tank over 20ppm nitrate except for the overstocked Mbuna tank. I had 9 tanks of fish giving me dirty looks, but they were able to give me dirty looks! If I was only going to be gone for a week, I would not have even bothered one of my sons.

  11. Olivia Knestrict Member Member

    Okay, that's reassuring. Do you think his fins will become even more damaged because I'm not going to be able to change his water for a week or do you think they'll be okay?
  12. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    Just do a 50% before you leave. I can not say they will not get worse. It depends on how far he is into the "thinning/healing" cycle. I think he will be just fine. I see no need for nutrafurazone right now.
  13. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    Sorry, I forgot, give us a shout out if you see something that concerns you when you get back. Most importantly....have a great time. Vacations are few and far in between.
  14. Kyoden Initiate Member

    Just do a frequent water change. 25% a day and see the magic. Those white at the tip or end of his tail is a new regrowth tail. I do have several fin rot cases. It's cause by ammonia spike (bacteria and parasite starts attacking).

    Changing filter pad or washing the filter with tap water will crash the cycle. My suggestion is to clean the filter with aquarium water or dechlorinated water.

    You can use Seachem Prime or Safe to reduce the ammonia in the water. Keep watching those parameter.

    What i do to my fin rot betta is get him to hospital tank. Put in heater there and put an indian almond leaves. It is produced tanin to make your betta healthier.
  15. jenag145 Member Member

    My Betta did the exact same thing after I did something similar. Just make sure to keep the water clean as possible and use some aquarium salt. I used it for mine and he recovered quite quickly after the fact