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So of my latest Betta batch, all my betta's are doing well. I have my Mustard male in his tank already, but the other two are still in their heated bowls receiving daily water changes and the appropriate amount of stress coat (until I set up their tanks later today hopefully). As they were unexpected gifts, I have been doing in fish cycles with "Tetra Safe Start Plus" while keeping an eye on the water parameters.

At first, I thought my Dragonscale betta fish had developed mild fin rot and I was only mildly concerned, till I came home from work and a huge chunk from his blood-streaked tail was missing. Yesterday I viewed him curl around and tear at his Finns three times so it is confirmed. And much to my agony, I saw him do this in his cup when I first got him, but as his tail had little to no damage I thought he was just chasing his reflection.

I wrapped his tank in an old dark flannel as I didn't have dark paper on hand, lowered the lighting significantly, added plant coverage, and gave him an Indian almond leaf. I went to all these measures as they have successfully lowered the stress in my previous bettas. But three days in and his fins only look worse the small amount of blood concerning, though he isn't at all lethargic he is one of my lazier fish to start with. This morning I ordered some "Betafix" as I read it would help prevent secondary infection. Was else can I do for my boy? With his current condition should I try and add him to his new tank or wait? Should I stop using the stress coat while he is injured?

Any and all help appreciated thanks. :)
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What size is his tank? Sometimes the stress or boredom of being in a smaller tank can trigger fin nipping. You can try to keep him entertained by changing the tank up or putting things near the glass to catch his attention. Some people have luck with using a mirror for a little bit each day. He could also have a lot of pent up aggression.

I'm not super familiar with safestart but I have heard you have to follow the instructions to the letter or it doesn't work very well.

Some bettas will just always bite their fins though- it's most common in the types with the longer tails as they do really weigh them down.
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