Betta Fin Turning Transluscent

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by antonioas, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. antonioasNew MemberMember

    Hi I have had a blue crowntail Betta for about a year now and probably around 1.3 years old. He is a very happy fish been taken care of like a family member.

    His set up is:
    1.5 gallon water
    No heater (as the temperature at my place is mostly around 26 deg C / 80 deg F)
    No filter (I do full water change every 4 days)
    Note: Everytime that I change the water I add a drop of Continuum fraction solution in the 1.5 gallon water to remove concentrated chlorine, ammonia and chloramine from it. It's a water conditioner bought from local pet store.

    I give him 6 micro pellets (each time at morning and night) of Optimum Betta brand which he loves.

    Now the issue is that I started noticing the tip of a strand of his dorsal fin turning white about 3 weeks ago. Gradually a big part of his dorsal fin till its body turned transluscent / lost color which used to be a beautiful shade of dark crimson.

    He is still active, eating fine.... I don't understand what's up with his fin!

    Now I am noticing that the tip of one of the strand of his analfin has turned white.

    Can someone please help understand what could be wrong?

    His eyes have a little bulge but upon examination and research online..I think this bulge is normal and not popeye.

    Attaching his pics for reference.

    Thank you for all the help. IMG_20180414_093741-01.jpegIMG_20180414_093612.jpgIMG_20180414_093648.jpg
  2. DutchAquariumWell Known MemberMember

    some bettas and yours it looks like carrie a marble gene. the marble gene allows for the betta to go through different color patterns through out its life.
  3. mg13Well Known MemberMember

    Many many questions, but first, why is he in a bowl, and why has nobody mentioned to you that he shouldn't be yet?

    You need to have a heater and filter for him. Water changes do not help whatsoever and the reaction you are getting is the premature stages of fin rot. Look into the Nitrogen Cycle and get a 5 gallon tank minimum for him. He needs filtered, cycled, heated water before you will be able to clear up whatever is messing up his fins.
  4. antonioasNew MemberMember

    Thanks mg13 for the response.

    To revert to your questions:

    1. the bowl capacity is 2 gallons and it's pretty spacious for the size of my betta to be honest. Probably it looks small in the photo...
    2. He doesn't require heater where I live. The temperature around is 95 deg Fahrenheit. And we maintain the temperature in the home if it gets too hot. He'll fry if I added heater as well. :-/
    3. Filter hmmmm ok I've heard mixed opinion on this as far as bettas are concerned.

    Yes I'll get kit and check on the nitrogen cycle and water pH etc. Though I already add a water conditioner as mentioned in my previous message which takes care of ammonia, chlorine etc but will still check.

    Thank you.

    Thank you Dutch Aquarium for your response. That sounds like a really amazing phenomenon. Will read up more on this. I hope it's marble Gene and not some health issue for him.
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  5. mg13Well Known MemberMember

    Good heaters maintain temperature, so they won't turn on if the water is already at the set temperature.

    Filters are not actually mixed opinions. Filters help maintain the Nitrogen cycle. With a bare bowl like you have there is nowhere for the good bacteria to live. Most mixed opinions are because of flow, which can bother Bettas with large fins, but this is easily solved by using a sponge filter vs a cartridge filter.

    I also want to apologize for coming off as very rude in my first post. There was no reason for that and I'm sorry.
  6. Bettafishies126Valued MemberMember

    I would suggest some decorations for the little guy, not that it'll help the fin rot but I imagine it's very stressful and boring for him to be in a bare bowl. He should also have a filter for sure, and from what I've read bowls=bad because they distort vision of fish and that creates a stressful environment for them. A small 2.5 gallon kit would be amazing for him if you got one ☺topfin makes some really good kits

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