Betta Fin Rot In Divided Tank

  1. Heathergk0

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    This is a hypothetical question! My tank (divided 10 gallon, heated and with 2 sponge filters) is still cycling, I don't have any fish yet. However, I was at the pet store and noticed almost all of the bettas have some degree of fin rot going on (or other problems, which I would try to avoid as I don't have much experience treating fish yet). If I found two fish with relatively mild cases of fin rot, would it be safe to keep them in the divided tank or should I quarantine them? The divider is mesh and allows a moderate amount of water flow between the sides. Either way I would keep the water pristine, and I have aquarium salt on hand if it gets worse. Another possible situation would be getting one without fin rot and one with. Would these be safe together, since the fin rot itself isn't really contagious but rather opportunistic? Thanks!
  2. TheQuirkyCory

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    I wouldn't keep two bettas even with a mesh divider. They can get really stressed going at each other. The bettas at the pet store probably have something in it water that is causing their fin rot. If you can, I'd recommend going to a reputable fish (likes mom and pop type of shop) and not big chains like PetCo and PetSmart. If it is a mild case of fin rot, and you keep your water parameters up, you could probably get away with a betta like that. But i wouldn't buy from them if any of their bettas had fin rot.
  3. OP

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    The mesh divider is two layers of white craft mesh, so the fish will not be able to see each other. It's fit tightly to all sides of the tank and anchored with suction cups. The only thing the fish would be able to do is smell each other, and from what I've read as long as I don't get hyper aggressive fish they will eventually get used to it. If it doesn't work out I am prepared to rehome one fish, but I've done a lot of research and I feel fairly confident the divider should work out. Thanks for the concern though!

    Unfortunately even the local fish stores around here keep their bettas in cups, and I don't have the money to buy from a breeder with the shipping costs. I would guess the fin rot is caused by sitting in a cup of their own waste for days or weeks at a time... I know many people say not to buy bettas from stores that sell them in cups in order to get these stores to stop selling them, but they are currently my only option other than not having fish at all. And tbh, I feel that there will always be people buying from these stores, and the least I can do is give a few bettas a spacious, heated, healthy environment. (Sorry I'm not trying to be argumentative here, just stating my thoughts).