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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by courtneyg525, Apr 18, 2019.

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    I’ve had my betta Karma for a little over a month now, he’s a half moon male from PetSmart. Since I got him the edges of his tail fin has looked slightly torn. I thought it was getting better but the past couple days there is one section on his tail fin that looks like it may be getting worse. He’s in a planted & filtered 2.5 gallon tank ( I know this should be bigger and I plan on eventually moving him to a 5-10 gallon). It is also heated with temp staying mostly around 78 degrees but fluctuates a lot since it is a smaller tank. I do weekly 30-40% water changes, but recently started doing them biweekly in hopes that his tail would heal faster with the better water conditions. I’m having trouble distinguishing what exactly is wrong with his fins, there’s only damage on his tail fin. Could it be fin rot or tail biting ? I attached pictures, the damage is mostly on the top half of his tail fin. I’d love if someone could tell me what his exact fin problem is so I could then know what steps to take from there. Thanks✌
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    Clean the tank daily
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    In the top photo is does look like he’s got a bit of rot. It’s probably from him nipping at his tail, have you noticed him doing that at all? Also if he is nipping his tail, it could be from boredom, especially if he’s not a habitual tail nipper. If you’re able to get him into a bigger tank soon it might help, sometimes when they can swim around more, they’re less likely to nip, if that is what’s causing his tail to shred. I’d also check to see if there are any sharp edges anywhere, Incase his tail is catching on something.
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    The resin decoration in his tank has some rough spots… I recognize it from my own tank- Spectre liked to brush against it, And I noticed the ends of his fins getting a little ragged… so as much as I like the idea of a little pagoda, this one now adorns the inside of the cabinet !

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