Betta fin erosion

  1. Goofy Gourami

    Goofy Gourami New Member Member

    My betta has been acting normal, if not being a little shy. I've noticed just the past few days that his fins are eroding on the ends. I don't know how long this has been going on, as I had been on vacation for several weeks with a family friend caring for my aquatic creatures. I completed a water change on Thursday and added a dose of Seachem Prime directly to the tank today to supply some slime coat. I'm going to see if he improves, and I will post updates. I'm open to suggestions on course of action.
  2. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Hi, he is in the 10g that you show in your profile?
    If so, Keep up on water changes-no more than 50% every couple of days. If no improvement in a week or so, you might want to move him to a tank by himself to treat.
    Good luck! :)
  3. OP
    Goofy Gourami

    Goofy Gourami New Member Member

    He hasn't been getting any worse. Today I began to feed him frozen brine shrimp for better nutrition, and bought him fresh pellets.