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I have recently setup and successfully cycled my 5.5 gallon tank for my Halfmoon dragon plakat betta. It's been a few years since I've kept fish and I have been doing as much research as possible. I wanted to make sure that the feeding schedule I compiled for him was varied and nutritional enough to keep him healthy and happy!

Here is my feeding schedule so far:
Monday - Betta Pellets (2 - 3 pellets, once a day)
Tuesday - Frozen Brine Shrimp (2 shrimp, once a day)
Wednesday - Betta Pellets (2 - 3 pellets, once a day)
Thursday - Frozen Bloodworms (2 worms, once a day)
Friday - Betta Pellets (2 - 3 pellets, once a day)
Saturday - Frozen Mysis Shrimp (1 shrimp, once daily)
Sunday - FAST/Allow the digestive tract to rest

Let me know what you betta experts out there think! I would love some advice and feedback.


That must be one happy betta!


I did a similar schedule, however I used smaller portions & fed twice a day *shrugs

Looks good though


My schedule used to be like yours, now it's just pellets, and occasionally worms and shrimp.
I will start up a brand new schedule once I get my tank set up.


That is one lucky betta! I have a schedule for my betta too. They eat the following: frozen blood worms, feed dried blood worms, betta pellet, tropical flakes, Bug Bites.

I feed my fish twice a day, with a 12 hour gap between feedings (morning before I get to work, and when I get back. I don't really fast my fish. Instead, I feed it once a day on Sunadys (and it's usually tropical flakes, easy to digest). What's weird about mine is that he HATES frozen brine shrimp. I even try to add garlic guard on it to see if he likes it but he spits it out and doesn't touch it. He would actually choose flakes over shrimp. Mine likes a "cruch" on his food. If a flake gets too soggy he won't eat it. Picky picky..
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Thank you all for your feedback!
I work at a chain pet store in the pet care department and that is where I acquired my betta. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't fed a proper variety diet. He doesn't seem very picky and takes well to the food I have been offering him. I wanted to be sure he had a well-rounded feeding schedule. I'm glad to here that I'm doing right by him so far.
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