Betta Feeding Question

  1. Fredbetta86

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    I've posted something similar to this before, but can't seem to get an answer. I feed a dry pellet food as part of my Betta fish diet but I don't know if I'm feeding enough and would like to get some input. I would typically think that 2-3 pellets twice a day would suffice but the ones I use are quite a bit smaller. 2 of the pellets I feed equal to about 1 of most of the other pellets on the market. The reason why I use the ones I do is because they are very high quality and all my Bettas love them. I feed 3-4 of the pellets twice a day because they are smaller. Is this ok or should I feed more because they are so small? 9989ea3db867bca8f9a846ffe438303a.jpg

    The NorthFin Betta Bits are the ones I feed, which are on the far left. So you can see the size comparison.
  2. tunafax

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    Honestly, it depends on the betta. If you really want and exact amount, experiment a bit. A few minutes after the feeding, your betta should have a bit of a belly. If no belly, feed another pallet. If the belly is big, feed 1 less.

    The betta won't starve on as few as 2-3 pallets a day if you want to feed him the bare minimum - which I don't recommend. But I mean, you can I guess. So you are fine, but maybe increase by 1 if you are worried.
  3. OP

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    What do you think about 4 in the morning 4 at night? I know that usually sounds like a lot but look at the size of the Northfin compared to the rest of them..