Betta [emoji226] Has Worms? Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Iboughtmykidfish, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. IboughtmykidfishWell Known MemberMember

    Ive had this little betta fish for 3 weeks now. He hasnt been eating and kind of lazy, i thought he was just adjusting to his new home. Ive tried the pellets, blood worms, and baby brine shrimp, all with no luck.. But today i noticed a long white stringy thing coming out of his butt. Maybe a worm? And his tummy is swollen, it looks like he's constipated. The rest of his body is fine, no pinecone look to him. He is in a filtered 2.5 gal tank (till i can upgrade) with no tankmates. I originally got 2 fish because petco said i could put them both in there with a divider, and after 2 days and some research, i got a 3.5 gal for the other, bigger fish. He seems to be doing really well though. They also told me these guys were very minimul effort, which isn't the case so far. Im willing to put in the work i just dont know where to start. 20180417_171541.jpg20180417_150403.jpg
  2. all-out-falloutValued MemberMember

    He’s constipated. When a fish is constipated their feces will hang from their butt. It should detach naturally. You can combat constipation by a) soaking his food for a bit before feeding, and b) getting him frozen daphnia and feeding him that. You can feed him daphnia occasionally just as a preventative. In a pinch you could give him a piece of deshelled pea, but daphnia is a much more natural choice for them.

    He’s a pretty little guy. What’s his name?​
  3. IboughtmykidfishWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks :) we call him george. My 3 year old named him. And i tried a piece of pea.. Like the other foods he wanted nothing to do with it, but i will get some daphnia and try that.
  4. all-out-falloutValued MemberMember

    Very good name! Your three-year-old has great taste, haha.

    Your betta is definitely bloated, which is from the constipation. Try fasting him for a bit—eating more pellets right now could be dangerous for him. Hopefully the daphnia (which you can feed, since it’s meant to encourage excretion) will be appealing to him.​
  5. IboughtmykidfishWell Known MemberMember

    Hes fasting all on his own lol, ive tried feeding, but ended up just fishing everything back out. I didnt put any food in today or yesterday though, so maybe he was getting some food and i just didnt notice. The other betta has brown poo balls, so i didnt think it could be that. Glad it is though, because it seems relatively easy to take care of compared to other issues.
  6. all-out-falloutValued MemberMember

    Good! Definitely grab that daphnia as soon as possible though. Call fish or pet stores to see if they have it and run on over. Constipation can lead to swim bladder disorders and, if prolonged, can be fatal. Not trying to scare you, just want to make sure you’re aware that it should be taken care of when you can.

    Lots of luck! Bettas are hardy little fish. I’m sure he’ll pull through just fine with a little fishy laxatives, haha.​

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