Betta Eggs - Urgent Help

  1. Alisa12345

    Alisa12345 Valued Member Member

    My male elephant ear betta is in a breeding box in my 20 gal tank. My female betta got in there not too long ago, Tuesday at least, and when i went to feed him, I noticed eggs in the small bubble nest he had built. I have no idea how long the eggs have been in there but his nest is falling apart and the eggs are falling and he's trying to save them. What should I do since he's not rebuilding his nest, and what do I do with the fallen eggs?? My sister saw then mating a few weeks ago and didnt say anything to me about it, so could these be the eggs from then and theyre just dead?
  2. DaloAquatics

    DaloAquatics Valued Member Member

    Just leave them be. If they are alive the male betta will take care of them. DO NOT TOUCH HIS BUBBLE NEST, AND DO NOT INTERFERE. If you mess with your betta or his babies the babies could die. If you want them to live you would let the male do his thing. The male will keep the eggs alive. Them falling is perfectly natural and the male will take care of it. Once the babies are free swimming remove the male and feed the babies. Make sure that you keep feeding the male (Just dont drop the food on his bubble nest. Hope this helps :)