Betta Eating Cory Food Help

  1. fatmabari

    fatmabari New Member Member

    So my betta and three pygmy corydoras recently switched from gravel to sand, which I gathered was better for cories (I really wanted Flourite but too many people seemed to think it was too sharp for cories). So far everyone is doing fine, though I’m not seeing any of the burrowing behavior they supposedly like sand for. There’s just one problem: suddenly my betta Cyril has decided to obsessively attack their Hikari sinking wafers. He seems to spit most of it out, but I think he’d still be eating some which might lead to him overeating. Even worse than that, he accidentally gets sand in his mouth almost every time. I am sure he’s swallowed sand already and I’m just very distressed. I specifically got wafers instead of pellets because I didn’t want anything he could chomp in one go on its way down, and he used to ignore the food once it hit the bottom.
    He gets his own Hikari right size pellets (3-4 at a time) twice a day and a mealworm in the afternoon. Should I just let him attack their food, or should I switch them to something else, and if so, any ideas?
  2. sleow

    sleow Valued Member Member

    My bettas do the same thing to my corys food. As you said, most of the time they don't eat much of it, my biggest issue is them picking up the wafers and dropping them all around the tank. Just keep an eye out that your corys are getting their share of food.

    I wouldn't worry about it too much. My fish have been on sand for months and the bettas are doing fine. I haven't seen them eating the sand at all though. I do fast my fish one day a week and only feed them at night.