Betta Diet

  1. Mojo! Member Member

    Are freeze dried blood worms, bribe shrimp, and betta pellets all fine for bettas?
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  3. Mojo! Member Member

    As a whole diet, cycle between those 3

    Can I use my hand to drop in freeze dried blood worms? On the container, for some reason it says to tap it in and not to inhale dust and touch. It says if you touch wash hands. Do you guys grab it with your hand and put it in the tank or shake it out?

    I also feed brine shrimp and pellets
  4. Caitlin86 Well Known Member Member

    I personally don't prefer freeze dried blood worms as they expand in the stomach and the freeze drying process rids the worms of any nutrience. Blood worms should also only been fed as a treat as they lack the necessary ingredients for a healthy balanced diet.

  5. Kailyn Member Member

    I do not feed freeze dried foods. If you do choose to feed these to your fish you should soak them in tank water or garlic first.
  6. Mojo! Member Member

    Here's what I got, Freeze dried blood worms and brine shrimp, and betta pellets.

    Give me a weekly day by day meal please, for example:

    M: pellet
    T: brine shrimp
    W: pellet
    Th: bloodworm
    F: pellet
    S: brine shrimp
    Sun: pellet

    I also have frozen bloodworms

    So can I stick to mainly pellets and every now and then feed shrimp or bloodworm
  7. Caitlin86 Well Known Member Member

    M - 2 presoaked pellets am and pm
    T - 2 presoaked pellets am and brine shrimp pm
    W - 2 presoaked pellets am and presoaked Blood worms pm
    T - 2 presoaked pellets am and pm
    F - 2 presoaked pellets am and brine shrimp on
    S - 2 presoaked pellets am and pm (this day I usually give frozen daphnia)
    S - fast for the day

  8. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

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  9. tunafax Well Known Member Member

    The reason is says not to touch or inhale is because apparantly blood worms are an allergen ranging from a rash to anaphelectic shock. Not sure why. I get hives if the dust gets into a scratch from it, so the warning checks out.
  10. Mojo! Member Member

    So do I need to worry about that?

  11. AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

    You can soak freeze dried blood worms before feeding and you will avoid any issues with rehydration in the intestines. I feed my bettas them twice a week. They love them.
  12. tunafax Well Known Member Member

    Not really. It's like bees. Most people are fine, but if you're allergic you'll know. Just don't touch it.
  13. Mojo! Member Member

    So you think I should use like tweezers or something?
  14. heeerefishyfishy Member Member

    You could use tweezers if you have a pair that are fine enough to grab the little things. I use a toothpick. I dip it in the tank water to moisten it, then dip it in the container of bloodworms to pick up a few, and transfer them into a little shot glass of tank water that I use to rehydrate them. When they've been soaked I use the same toothpick to feed them my fish.

    I haven't had issues thus far but I react very badly to insect bites, as does my oldest son, so I do my best not to touch/inhale and I don't feed them when my son is in the room, to err on the side of caution.
  15. Mojo! Member Member

    How long does it take to presoak?
  16. Mojo! Member Member

    How long should I wait when I presoak pellets?
  17. tunafax Well Known Member Member

    Ideally, until the sink - except they never do. 30 mins will be as good as it gets, imo.
  18. Prism Well Known Member Member

    I would recommend just doing Omega One, Betta Pellets, and some Omega One Betta Bloodworms, my betta LOVES them.
  19. Mojo! Member Member