Betta Developed Red Lump?

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  1. Shi_TurtleNew MemberMember

    I'm new to the betta owning community, and noticed a red lump on the side of my betta's head. his gill isn't doing well on the side the lump is on, but other than that, his mood hasn't changed.. He's a cup betta from the local pet store, so i understand he was bound to have problems.. I was just wandering if anyone knew what was wrong or how to help.
    Couldn't really get a great photo.

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  2. Samantha100113New MemberMember

    Could you get a photo of his whole body? If it was just a local pet store, some of them take fish from people who don't want theirs anymore. Its possible that he was attacked by another fish and it got infected.
    There are honestly a number of reasons it could be. Anything by the gills of a betta are usually hard to cure.
    Was he like this when you bought him or did he just start showing?
  3. Samantha100113New MemberMember

    This page has some information on common diseases. I had a better one saved to my phone awhile back that showed the photos of effected bettas but can't seem to find it, when I do, i'll post it here for you.
  4. Shi_TurtleNew MemberMember

    My phone isnt letting me upload the photo right now.. But I've had him for about 6 months now, and i got him the day they all came into the pet store, and he was fine today when i left for work..
  5. Shi_TurtleNew MemberMember

    Wonderful! Thanks!
  6. Samantha100113New MemberMember

    I would just treat him with aquarium salt for right now, if it doesn't get a little better, or the swelling doesn't go down you could try medicating the water.