Betta Death?

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    I got my betta about a week ago, everything seemed to be fine with him, he was active, alert, the only problem was he didn't eat the whole time I had him. He didn't look bloated. Before anyone asks, he was in a 5 gal heated, filtered tank. the water tested at ammonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates 20. Ph was 7.8. I don't know what went wrong with my
    Betta. He seemed so much happier to be in a big, warm tank with plants and rocks. Two days ago he started to sit at the bottom of the tank. He wouldn't even respond to my slight taps I would do when I was worried. And then, he would swim all around and go back to the bottom again.
    When I came home last night I thought he jumped out of the small feeding hole in the lid to his tank. But then I listened and could tell my filter wasn't running properly, I knew he was in the intake. :( I unplugged it and my little baby floated out to the bottom. when I saw him he was curled up, but everything was in tact. Except, about right under his gills, his abdomen was split in half and what looked to be his intestines were protruding out. I couldn't help but just cry right there, because I feel like he had a horrible death. I just want to know what went wrong, I really tried my best to take care of him. Any info helps. Rip cosmo :arghh:

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    Hi there,
    Sorry for your loss, it always sucks to lose a fish.

    How could he get sucked into the filter intake? I've never had betta get sucked into a filter before.
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    If your betta got stuck in the filter intake, it's possible that the current was too strong for it.
    Everything else seemed to be fine. It could have been more of an internal problem like parasites.
    I'm sorry for your loss. What happened to him is terrible
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    I don't know why I said intake. I made a mistake in my wording probably. I don't know what it's called and I know that sounds really stupid, but the part that sucks the water up. I don't really know all about the filter parts, I always had my step dad put it together. But thank you so much. I appreciate it!

    I feel like I said the wrong part of the filter and now I feel kind of like an idiot. I'm almost 100% positive he died before he got sucked in. But he was just in that small space that sucks up the water that is in the tank. Like he wasn't inside of the filter, I suppose I used the wrong name now that I realize what the intake is. I'm bad at the technicals, my step father has owned fish for a long time, so I usually have him help me with the dirty work like setting up filters heaters and helping with cycling. Haha. thank you for your response! I'm really sad that he's gone:/
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    No, your not wrong it's called a filter intake, or at least that's what I call it.

    Was his body just stuck in it or was his body completely in it?