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I have now upgraded to a 17.7 gallon (16x16x16, needs works tho to take off paint, got for 10 bucks tho ) cube.

My idea is to get a Betta and maybe some Mickey Mouse platies? I currently have (not yet in the cube) one assassin snail and about 10-20 pest snails (one or two malayasian trumpet, rest are bladder I believe. There’s one really cool green one tho) since the petco lady practically jumped when I asked about taking some.

Obviously I know a Betta is aggressive, I’ll check for the individual personality and won’t just throw it in and let whatever happens happen. I plan on getting the platters after dumping all the snails in, and then the Betta. The bottom of the tank is sand, lightly plants (some jungle Val, 1-2 moss balls, duckweed on top). I have more than enough ornaments for hiding places (skulls, ships, you name it I got it)

So really, does anyone see anything potentially wrong? How many platies should I get? How do you tell the difference in sex since there’s should be way more females?


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One of my female bettas flipped out being in my 25 gallon with platies and mollies. She did not like it at all, had stress stripes, flared, and swam around frantically. So I took her out and she immediately colored up on her own.
I had my other female betta in there for a couple months and she loved it, but due to the feeding schedule for the platy/Molly fry, she was overeating... Then she got a taste for fry and I had to take her out and put her on a diet. Took her a couple weeks to slI'm down.

So besides personality, you may or may not have problems with feeding since bettas can easily overeat, easier than livebearers, and they have a slow digestive or metabolism system.
There's lots of information on sexing livebearers online if you Google. It took a lot of awkward staring and practice for me to figure it out. Males have an extra "fin" or gonopodium between the two fins and the analfin. That's the best way I can explain it. Check out the livebearer forum on here, too. There's a whole sub-forum dedicated to it. Here's a topic: Sexing Livebearers with Pictures and Some Misunderstandings When It Comes To Pregnancy And Sexual Organs

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