Betta Color Change

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by tb19, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. tb19 Valued Member Member

    I was wondering, does a betta's color change signify anything? Because when I bought my betta 6 months ago he was blue with green on its tail. Now he's a sort of purplish color with red on its tail. Any thoughts on what this might be?
  2. COBettaCouple Fishlore Legend Member

    i don't believe it's uncommon for a betta to change colors as he/she reaches maturity.
  3. nmwierman1977 Well Known Member Member

    No, it's not they tend to change colors throughout their entire life. If you are feeding them a color enhancing food too that also will change their colors. natalie
  4. chickadee Fishlore VIP Member

    Generally they will make a radical color change when they get into good conditions from the store. They are stressed so much when they are cold and in dirty or untreated water that I have seen them totally lose their color and go white. Sometimes when I have them shipped to me, they arrive white and when they get into the tank they turn their color in 5 minutes just from being out of the box and into the warm water. This is a different kind of stress and I have only had it happen really bad on one fish, my little Damon and I did not know it but he is afraid of the dark :) so he was afraid until he go out into the light. As soon as he was in the light and all he got all red again. He is just a baby when he has to go to bed at night.
    The color pellets can make a difference, but the main change is just the treatment they get with clean treated water in a cycled tank and making sure that they are given attention. Bettas will lose color if they are depressed or upset or sick more quickly than most Tropical Fish. I believe that this is because they are so "human" and do not relate to the other fish, but instead only relate to us. If they do not get quality time from us or if we do not notice they are ill they go downhill very rapidly. I have had bettas die that showed absolutely no symptoms or gave no warning of any problems. They were here and then they were gone, but color change is one of the best ways to tell the health of your betta.