Betta Collapsed Fin?

  1. Alchemixing Initiate Member

    Hello, I have a betta with huge fins. They didn't begin that way, as I got him about 6 months ago, but they have since grown so big that he has trouble swimming. A while ago I read that bettas bred for large fins often suffer from collapsed fins later in life, but no resource I've found can tell me the symptoms. Initially, I thought he may have swim bladder because he inadvertently flips onto his side while swimming and often can't propel himself to go into a full circle. But then I noticed his dorsal laying almost completely sideways and dragging him down, if that makes any sense, and now I'm not convinced it isn't SB. He has no lethargy, still eats like a champ and does like to swim and interact with me. It's just his fins preventing him from doing certain things. I had him in a 10 gallon tank but he was really struggling with so much space so I opted for a 5 gallon instead. Now he's doing better in there, paired with a baffled filter which I am changing to a sponge filter in the next week. My question is really for anyone who has had bettas with super-sized fins: How would I know if Kraken's fin collapsed, would that shorten his life-span, and what can I do to make sure that he has his happiest life?

    It's also worth noting that his dorsal fins aren't always sideways. Only when he tries to maneuver in a circle or swim to the surface do they kind of..."splay."

    Kraken is in a 5 gallon tank with live plants, heated and filtered with lots of resting places. But is there anything else I can do for him? Thank you in advance.
  2. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    You can't do much except give him alot of nutrients, just make sure he doesn't get fat. Fish with big fins need big bodies. when I had one I gave him extra bloodworms and helped. Mine wasn't as bad as yours. I had a slightly malnourished Half Moon and you have a full on Rosetail.
  3. Shadow2331 Member Member

    Can he flare normally?? how does his fins look when he is flaring?? and does he always swims on his sides?? does he stay on the surface of the water and has troubles going down to the bottom of the tank??
  4. Alchemixing Initiate Member

    Yes, he flares normally and when he's still they don't "bend," but when he tries to turn they just seem to blow over and drag him onto his side for a moment or two before he can right himself. When he flares the fins stand up straight so long as he sits still.

    No, he isn't always on his side. I thought he had swim bladder but he doesn't swim sideways but for a moment when he makes a turn. It's as if his fins are tugging too much and his body isn't large enough to support them.

    No, he doesn't stay at the top or the bottom. He swims around like a typical fish but for when he tries to change direction. He's shown no lethargy at all.
  5. Shadow2331 Member Member

    Then you have nothing to worry about it is natural, its just your betta has huge fins and it is a bit heavy for him, Just make sure you have lots of places for him to rest, from top to bottom, so he can get air. He's going to struggle more as he gets older so it's important to make sure he has a way to get around easily.

    Some experts have successfully trimmed their bettas fins when they face such scenarios and i recently found out that some breeders before the betta show will also trim their bettas fins to make them look more attractive but i dont recommend trimming your bettas fin. He will just be fine nothing to worry about but you will need to provide extra care for him. :)
  6. Alchemixing Initiate Member

    Thank you so much, I worry about my little dudes, but I'll try to stop panicking over nothing. I appreciate your help so much!!

    Thank you. It's a balancing act trying to keep this guy healthy versus overweight. His fins definitely complicate things but out of my two boys, Kraken has the best personality so I want to keep him at peak health which, being a newbie, isn't always easy Thanks again for your help!!
  7. Kysarkel000 Well Known Member Member

    Can we see a picture or your 2 fishes? :)
  8. Alchemixing Initiate Member

    20170714_203041.jpg FB_IMG_1498454418612.jpg (Kraken)

    I'm completely obsessed with both of them. And this is when Kraken was a baby.
  9. Shadow2331 Member Member

    you are most welcome :) your little dudes looks amazing :)