Betta Bump?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by AllySaturn, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. AllySaturn

    AllySaturn Valued Member Member

    My betta Leo has a bump on his head and he has had it since I got him. It hasn't grown or changed at all. It's so small I can't even get a picture of it. I just wanna make sure he is okay
  2. Feesh404

    Feesh404 Well Known Member Member

    Is it on his eye? Depends where.
  3. OP

    AllySaturn Valued Member Member

    It isn't on his eye and it is on both sides which is why I was confused. They are a bit above his gills/flareing thing and it's somthing I have never seen in a betta
  4. GoldieBubbles

    GoldieBubbles Valued Member Member

    Could it be the start to tumors? Is he a petstore betta (more likely to develop tumors)?
  5. OP

    AllySaturn Valued Member Member

    He is petsmart betta yes

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