Betta Brownorum feeding help

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    Gemztar Initiate Member

    I had 2 beautiful Betta Brownorum delivered to me on Friday. They seem to have settled into their new tank well, very shy but poking around and investigating. It's a well cycled tank with a low PH, lots of hiding places and a very gently moving spine filter.

    My main worry is that I haven't seen them eat yet. They tejected dried blood worm. I tried live Daphnia and some larger ones remain in the tank(they may have eaten the smaller ones but I just don't know).
    I have tried instant Baby Brine shrimp I ordered today, as the packaging and reviews suggested it was good for fussy wild species and fry. It stays in the water column well and doesnt sink(I think I can see tiny things swimming , but it's hard to tell with the tannin stained water they need).
    Am I worrying too much about the fact that I personally haven't seen them eat anything? Or should I just assume that as they are swimming around the tank, they will encounter the food and eat when they are hungry? I'm new to wild species and don't want to do anything to hurt the little guys.
  2. TexasDomer

    TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    If you just recently got them, I wouldn't worry too much about them not eating - it may take them a few days to settle completely.

    You can also try offering blackworms and fruit flies, to see if that will tempt them.