Betta Breeding?

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    Hello FishLore people! Having a good day?
    I'm simply here to ask about Betta Breeding. I've been breeding all types of fish for 7 years now (successfully). And I have decided to try my hand at Bettas. I went out to Petco about a year and a half ago and bought 3 baby Betta (1 male, 2 females). My male is fairly small (about 2 inches in length) and my female I'm trying to breed him with about the same size.

    I noticed two days ago, he made more than 1 bubble nest in the corner of his 5 gallon tank. Well, I waited and added the female (in a clear breeder net/tank) yesterday. Now from what I read online I add her in his tank (in the clear breeder tank/net) for a day or two, and he will get use to her. I then put her out into his territory once he stops flaring his gills at her (which would be today, possibly tomorrow as he seems to be a bit more laid back now).

    But...the sites (3 of them) also said the male would make the bubble nest BEFORE being ready to mate, and my male has yet to make a bubble nest...

    Am I doing something wrong? The temp. in his tank is always 82-84F, PH and Ammonia test perfect, and he has fake grass but real wood/log in his tank.

    If you need pictures let me know and I can get pic of the male as well as female. :)
    Thank you!
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    He has made a small bubble nest but is still showing a fair amount of aggression to my little female. Any tips? Help me? Please? As no one has responded to this but numerous have looked...Thanks guys.


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    Step by step betta breeding.

    @Flowingfins can help you.
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    Please please please don't breed in your males tank! It is extremely complicated and isn't at all like breeding guppies. You have to condition your bettas and set up a spawn tank.
    Are your bettas show quality?
    Are your bettas veil tails?
    Do you have the time, money, and space needed to raise 500 bettas, each in their own tank?
    Do you have live foods for the fry?
    Do you KNOW, 100%, that you can rehome them?
    Do you have a goal in mind?
    It sounds like you haven't researched this properly, I'm sorry for being so blunt, but there is a huge issue with people breeding just to try it, not considering what to do with the fry, and then getting in over their heads. This leads to many bettas without proper care.
    Check out these links and truly decide if this is a path you want to take, and if you are sure, please let me know.
    Edit: I forgot to say welcome to fishlore!
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    1) I don't believe they are. Just regular Bettas. I specialize in show quality Freshwater Angelfish.

    2) My male is a veil tale, I am still unsure about my female, but she does not seem to be (I will try and post pics if you can get back to me)

    3) I do have the space time and money.

    4) I raise brine shrimp and can use that, if not I could buy live food from my local privately owned petstore in Chattanooga.

    5) I do know 100% that I can re-home them

    6) My current goal is to breed them, keep a select 4 maybe 5 babies (re-homing the rest NOT to be used as feeder fry etc) and raise them up to show quality. As show quality bettas are gorgeous.

    You're fine for being so blunt. I understand 100%. The first time they bred I wasn't even paying attention to it, and I only knew they bred because I found 4 or 5 babies. I am assuming the rest got eaten, as they were in a community tank with 2 or 3 other bettas.

    But I promise you I am not breeding just to try it, I do have a goal in mind. I don't breed just for "fun" or to try it, I do have goals when I breed I swear :)

    I will check those links out and if you can get back to me let me know and I'll post pics of my male and both females :)

    Thanks guys!
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    Glad you have a goal:)
    Ok, first, if you want show quality fry, you need show quality parents. I recommend joining the IBC(international betta congress) and taking a look at their show standards.
    You are not going to find many people breeding veils, they are considered pet quality and the IBC doesn't have a category for them. The IBC holds many shows, and their standards are what most, if not all, breeders strive to achieve. The most popular tail types (for show) are halfmoon, crowntail, halfmoon plakat and elephant ear(Dumbo). Traditional plakat and double tail are less common.
    To find show quality fish, you will most likely have to order online, eBay and aquabid are good sites.
    Everybody breeds differently, this is how I do it.
    Start conditioning your breeders by feeding them frozen/live foods such as bloodworms, mosquito larvae, and brine shrimp. Feed them a mix of these foods for 1-2 weeks, showing your breeders to each other for 10-15 minutes each day.
    During this time, start setting up the breeding tank. I have found that they breed faster in smaller tanks, so I use bare bottom 1.5 gallon critter keepers. Set the temp to around 80*, add an Indian almond leaf, and some floating plants. Release both at the same time(after conditioning) and watch them to make sure they aren't going to kill each other. Keep checking on them until they have spawned, take mommy out, place a desk lamp over the top so daddy can see the eggs/fry. In 2 days, the eggs should hatch and in another 2 they should be free swimming. The male shouldn't be fed during this time. Once free swimming take daddy out and wait 2 more days to feed them. Once free-swimming you can turn off the lamp. I start off with micro worms, and once they are big enough newly hatched BBS(baby brine shrimp). Once free-swimming add a small sponge filter.
    At 2 weeks from hatching, move them into a large tub(around 20 gallons), start doing large 50-75% water changes daily. This helps remove growth inhibitors produced by the fry. Feed them lots of BBS, microworms and once big enough, start weaning them onto frozen BBS and crushed betta pellets. Eventually you will be feeding them just pellets. As they grow you will need to keep upgrading them, depending on spawn size. Once the males start fighting it is time to jar them, as well as aggressive females, you have to heat the jars too. I use 2 liter soda bottles and juice jugs because they are pretty much free, but I so plan on building a heated, filtered betta barracks in the near future. I will be using heat tape to heat the jars. You can keep the females together in a large sorority.
    If you have any questions let me know:)