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Betta Breeding Outcome?!

  1. Black Cousteau Valued Member Member

    I have never bred Betta fish before but I am on the hunt for a female. I already have the male pictured below. I have noticed females do not come in a wide range of colors so it's a hard choice for me. Nevertheless I came across the female below and would like to know the possible outcome if I breed her to my male.

    Color and finnage possibilities?

  2. 2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    Hope you got room for 300 fry.
  3. Black Cousteau Valued Member Member

    300 fry is not always the outcome. I have seen people who only had about 20 fry make it. Also not sure if it's the size of bubble nest in which I plan to use a quarter of an Indian almond leaf in hopes I can keep it small. Saw a video on YouTube from creativepetkeeping where she kept the bubble nest small for her Koi Bettas. l can deal with space but definitely not for 300 fry lol.
  4. 2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    Best of luck then. It ain’t easy.
  5. KakeHugs Well Known Member Member

    Females come in just as many colors as males!
    She looks very lovely. Seems to be a long fin female (the anal fins are usually longer than the caudal fins in females)
    She looks very nicely built to me, your male seems to have a bit wacky fins but the pair would make some nice interesting babies. Maybe some kind of matellices and marbles.

    And psssh, that whole 300 babies thing, rarely happens. I think largest Ive had was 150ish. It CAN happen though.
  6. KaderTheAnt Well Known Member Member

    Am I critiquing or predicting? Oh heck, I’ll do both.[emoji6]

    I’m in love with the female, though I don’t believe her to be the full 180 degrees (basing this off the middle picture of the flare) I’m guessing she’s supposed to be HMPK but didn’t quite make the cut. She’s beautiful none the less.

    Your male also seems to be a super delta, (basing off of the picture on the top right) his dorsal fin seems a bit off to me, couldn’t tell you what it is exactly but there’s something about it that seems definitely from your average dT. His anal fin is a bit long and the rays in his tail fin are uniformed (there isn’t a strict order that they follow)

    All in all, your more than likely gonna have a large number of delta/super delta from this paring.

    My guess in colors? Your male is a metallic color and your female is ,what I’m guessing, a marbling blue. If that’s the case, your more than likely to get metallic blues with various marbling patterns.
  7. Black Cousteau Valued Member Member

    Yes I have noticed his dorsal fin curving to one side. I kind of want to experiment to see if I come up with a unique marble pattern. But you seem to be well informed and I appreciate you pointing out the males flaws. I really want to make an attempt so I see what the outcome is but I may wait for my other male who is HMPK on the way. Have to find a female for him. He is a marble blue and white.
  8. KaderTheAnt Well Known Member Member

    I think he and the first female would make amazing fry.[emoji6]hes got great confirmation.
  9. Black Cousteau Valued Member Member

    [emoji4]Thank you.