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Betta Breeding - Female Laid Eggs On Her Own?

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by RickyRicardo1838, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. RickyRicardo1838 Valued Member Member

    Hello everyone so I am currently in the process of breeding my 2 koi halfmoon plakats, thus far everything has been going well. Both fish are nice and healthy, conditioned, have some Indian almond leaf, nice warm and clean water. The male is interested in the female since he has built his nest and is constantly flaring at her, the female looked nice and plump so I released her after a few days of them getting to see each other. At first the male flared at her, while she ignored him and did not run away, she acted as if the male did not exist. This remained for a while so I left them while I went to work. When I came back I saw no eggs in the nest , and she was getting chased and had a few tears on her fins. So I removed her and put her back in her jar. I noticed that while in her jar she randomly released a bunch of eggs and ate them. What does this mean ? I found it very interesting that she just laid several eggs after separating them and ate them. What do you recommend I do, stop the breeding and recondition them? Reintroduce them?
    Thanks in advance
  2. Repolie Well Known Member Member

    It could take an entire day before they mate and if it's only a few tears on her fins, I wouldn't be concerned. I think she was getting ready to breed and lay the eggs, but you took her out too early and so she released the eggs in the jar. She ate them because they were unfertilized and to reabsorb the nutrients so it doesn't go to waste. I suggest you recondition them again. @Demeter has experience breeding them.