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  1. Marinedude17422

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    Hey everyone! I've successfully had a 30g planted tank for years now, and now I'm starting my second year at UVA and want a fish bowl for my apartment. I realize it isn't ideal, but space is limited so a bowl is the only thing that will fit. I want a betta, but I've never kept one, so I have some questions.

    First, do I need a heater or a filter, and should I put some of the live plants I have into the bowl? Also, should I keep him with a few shrimp or snails or an Otto or a small Cory to help reduce waste? Also, would I need to cycle the bowl before adding the fish? Thanks a bunch guys
    If anyone could recommend a good pet shop in Charlottesville that would be super helpful too!
  2. BornThisWayBettas

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    Well, to begin with, a heater and filter would be best, but especially the heater imo.

    I don't know about the live plants, though.

    Also, otos and cories both need schools and both (or at least cories) need at least a 20g tank.

    To my knowledge, snails, depending on what you get, can have a "higher" bioload than might be preferred for a bowl. It might be okay with one ghost shrimp or something, but I'm not so good at calculating bioloads and such.

    For the bowl, I would recommend at least three gallons. And if you're using a filter, I think bettas are typically pretty hardy fish so he might be okay for a fish-in cycle.
  3. charlie93

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    I would recommend a 2.5 gallon tank minimum. There should be a filter and a heater. I have the 7.5w betta heaters in my betta tanks.

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  4. Dom90

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    I have a betta in a 2.5 gallon with a filter and heater. These are my two recommendations:

    the 10 watt version
  5. bettamars

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    If you want to keep your betta in a 2.5 + gallon bowl, I think a sponge filter would do nicely. You could get an instant cycle in your bowl by running the sponge filter in your 30 gallon tank for a couple of weeks and then transferring it to the bowl. Also, unless your place is kept at about 78 degrees all the time, I would get a heater. They have some of those betta bowl heaters I believe. And then get a floating thermometer to regulate temperature. If you want to do live plants, I would get a clip on light. As for tankmates, I think you could do a snail maybe or some larger shrimp like ghost shrimp or Amano shrimp. But beware with the snails, I've heard that mysteries in particular tend to poop more than they clean in smaller environments, but with a sponge filter that shouldn't be a problem.

    Or you could do a planted shrimp bowl with red cherry shrimp. They look really nice.

    Best of luck!
  6. junebug

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    The basic care that applies to your fish in the 30 gallon still applies to bettas. Honestly a 3 or 5 gallon tank takes up very little room, about the same as the "bowl" you're planning, and will give the fish a much healthier and happier life.

    All fish need a filter. A heater is necessary to keep the temperature stable, and you're going to want plants in the tank, so go ahead and add some.

    As for the fish itself, all petstore bettas are pretty much the same and come from the same places. Sometimes small LFS will have fish from local breeders, but not all that often. Really it all comes down to the care that the fish receive in the store. So make sure you choose a healthy betta to take home with you, and you'll be fine.
  7. smee82

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    If you.only have aroom for a bowl you could do a walstad planted tank where the.plants act as the filter then the only problem you will have is temperature
  8. junebug

    junebugFishlore LegendMember

    I should also mention that in a tank this size, you can't keep any other fish. Otos require a group of 3 at five gallons per fish, and cories are full shoaling fish and need much larger groups and therefore a larger tank. Shrimp will be a betta snack, so there's no point in that. If you absolutely must put something in with your betta, a nerite snail is the best choice.
  9. kuhliloach85

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    I don't recommend this.

    1) It would be very difficult to do a planted "bowl" set up where the plants would filter the water due to space and size.

    2) Most of the aquatic plants require warmer temps (there are a few exceptions).

    Best to get a 5 gallon set up - they're about $25 or so at Walmart, from what I've seen.