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    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Hello- my son and I have started a journey of fishkeeping and it’s been a bit rocky to start. We unfortunately are currently in our third Betta in just a few months. Our first one got stuck in an ornament the day after we brought him home and stressed himself to death. Our second, dubbed Lightning, started deteriorating all of a sudden after doing amazing for almost 3 months. We went to do a water change and noticed most of his tail fins and analfin were GONE! He was a veil tail and had beautiful fins, we were surprised that we didn’t notice it sooner. We watch him every day and his water was super clear, and he was the only one in his tank. The local pet store thinks we overfed him and he died of swim bladder because he would swim up and basically fall backwards and stay at the bottom- we were told twice a day, and we stuck to that. Another theory was that the plastic plants could have been slowly shredding his fins because we didn’t see any blood or the typical indicators of fin rot. Now we’ve been told every other day- clarification would be awesome on that topic.
    We now have a young twin tail half moon, and a new 10 gallon tank. He’s an awesome iridescent color and can look white, red, blue or green! It’s really cool when he’s in front of this blue plant we have. We’ve switched to pellet feeding instead of flakes and also have silk plants instead of the plastic ones. Today is day one so we’ll be keeping a close eye on this guy. Any thoughts on what else we could add to his tank? - he’s got a lot of space but don’t want to crowd him either. Our only concern is the hooked ventral fin we noticed when we put him in, but didn’t really notice at the pet store. He is swimming fine but an thoughts or suggestions about the weird looking fin would help. It kind of looks broken ???

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    The fin should be fine. I had one with a hooked dorsal live for years and was unphased by it.
    My only suggestions are a heater set to high 70s low 80s, as Bettas like it warm, maybe a water test to see if we can tell what went wrong with the other, and maybe get some frozen brine shrimp or blood worms for treats every few days.
    Other than that you have a great setup, and I applaud the 10 gallon for a Betta.

  3. Fanatic Fishlore VIP Member

    Hello, and welcome to fishlore!

    I am sorry to hear that you’ve been having trouble, but it looks to me like you know a lot about what you are doing, and you’ve done the right things so far.

    Switching to silk plants is great if you can’t do live ones, as plastic decorations can really damage a betta’s delicate fins.
    The concern about the bent ventral fin is not anything serious to worry about, it probably became bent from him being in such a small container for a while, and fins can bend if they are laid on, very similar to how a crowntail may receive curled rays after being in a cup for so long.

    I believe that it can naturally straighten back out after some time, just ensure you are doing enough water changes to keep the water clean.

    You’re doing great, and if you need anything else just be sure to ask!
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    We’ve got a heater set at 79. It gets a bit warm in my sons room where the tank is and the thermometer has been at 80 since last night holding steady. I had the idea and took the passed fish in a cup of his water to the store but we got stuck in traffic for two hours on the way to the pet store so it was too contaminated to test. Biology has taken its course ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️. We’re hoping the larger tank will be a good start - but something else I noticed now that he’s coming to the front of the tank more is that his lower tail fin looks a bit choppy at the bottom of it- am I imagining things?? Thanks for the tips! image.jpg

    Thanks for the tips! How often should we be changing the water? One employee at the store said 25% every two weeks, another said 25-50% every week. We got a siphon so we’re prepared for either option, but not sure what’s right for our tank specifications. Also, the filter seemed a bit strong for him, wondering ideas it’s because he’s young.
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  5. Fanatic Fishlore VIP Member

    I’d recommend weekly, unless you have trouble with your water then that should be fine.

    If the filter is too strong, you can tie a sponge around the waterfall area, or cut a portion of a water bottle to hook over it as well.
  6. Aseriesoflightning New Member Member

    He seems like he getting pulled a little or has to struggle to swim away from the side of the tank the filter is on when he drifts over there. We unplugged it for now and planned to keep it on during the day and off at night, but aren’t sure if that’s going to cause other problems. Didn’t have this issue in the three gallon we had before as we could adjust the strength of the filter. This one doesn’t have the option. Also, our veil tail was much bigger than this little guy. Should we just wait for him to get stronger?

    Nice hacks! Thanks
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  7. FloydtheBetta Valued Member Member

    Hey, everyone is answering your questions well, just noticed you asked about feeding!

    Twice a day is fine but just 3 pellets each time. It’s also good to give him blood worms as a treat every once in awhile. Also, if you don’t mind taking the extra time it’s best for them if you soak the pellets in tank water or garlic juice (good for immune system) before feeding so it doesn’t expand in their tiny tummies.
  8. Aseriesoflightning New Member Member

    Thanks! We’ve gotten so many different responses about feeding we weren’t sure if we were causing problems. We’ve got pellets so we’ll try the soaking method.