Betta Ate Poop


When I was feeding my betta, he ate some betta poo that was floating around. I guess he mistook it for food.

I'm worried that he might get sick from eating it.

Is there anything I can do to prevent that? And if he does get sick, what should I do?


I can't imagine that it is likely to hurt him, not much you can do about it in any case.


It's kinda gross but it won't hurt him. Fish eat weirder things, lol. They swim in their own waste and they make it. As close as peeing in your Cherrios as you can get, lol.
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I'm not as worried now.

Though I'll still be keeping an eye on him!


Yeah my stupid platys do this to each other all the time and it hasn't done a darn thing to any of them. Well, except disappoint them when they (usually) spit it back out. I don't think there's a way to stop a fish from eating weird things that doesn't also involve removing everything from the tank.

The only reason poop-contact might be a real problem is if one fish had a parasite and transferred it to the other, but bettas are pretty much always kept solitary, and if you had a parasite issue, well... it'd be a problem regardless of where the poop wound up! XD I'm sure he'll be fine.
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What fish hasent eaten its own poo ? LoL luckily, most of the time they spit it out, but in rare occasions, they will "reprocess" it.
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