Betta and Gourami

Discussion in 'Gouramis' started by EmpPleco, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    ONe of my gouramis is starting to get harassed by my other gourami in my 20 gallon and it's causing him not to eat. I am not sure why this is happening now, but it's scary :(

    Do you think if I moved him to my 10 gallon with my Betta, the situation will be worse or better? SHould I give it A try?

    Please HelP!
  2. MarcWell Known MemberMember

    You could put the Gourami in and see if it will attack the Betta - I'm not sure if it would or not.
  3. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    The gourami is starting to seem so weak because of not eating, and I have been contemplating this, but I think it may be that the gourami will be attacked by the betta :(
  4. JonWell Known MemberMember

    ouch what a predicament... you might want to try it or put a divider in your tank to split the gouramis... my gourami isnt a very agressive eater and i dont think its in there blood to be... mine just waits for flakes to float down past him and then eats them... the guppies get the first food, then it floats down and my gourami gets a bit and then it hits the bottom and my julis eat it up
  5. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    Yes I tried to put him in there with the Betta, but then the betta got irritated :( So he gets bullied in both situations.

    I put him back in the 20 gallon because the betta looked like he was going to kill the gourami, flaring his gills and curling his body. So I think tomorrow I am going to try to put the Bully Gourami in a breeding net for a couple days and see if that tones him down -- it gives the battered gourami a few days of not having to worry about the bully and to get some food. (speaking of which, my gouramis (or the bully, the victim used to be, but not anymore) are quite the opposite of yours, JON, they eat right along at the top with my danios and my glass cats are the ones who wait for the food to come down)

    If the breeding net doesn't work, than I will try to trade him in for a couple female gouramis. Or maybe a few more glass cats or danios :( Although I don't want to do that :( :-[ :'( :-\
  6. atmmachine816Fishlore VIPMember

    yes a gourami and a betta will fight as they are both gouramis if you didnt know that they both are bubblenest builders and labryinth users and gouramis are territorial to each other especially if they are dwarf gouramis since almost all gouramis get aggresive and are not good community fish as they get older but what type of gourami do you have since i can help you more since i like gouramis and know a bit about them but dont put him in with the betta again PLEASE and put more hiding places in if possible
  7. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    They are both dwarf gouramis. I knew that they were both labyrinth fishes, but I just wanted to see which situation would fend better since i was in quite a pickle. lol.

    My bullied gourami has enough hiding spaces and he is starting to eat again :) I am still going to try the breeding net thing with my bully gourami because he still chases the other gourami every once in a while
  8. atmmachine816Fishlore VIPMember

    dont get a breeding net get a breeding box as sometimes they can be bigger and they are a LOT easier to clean i used a net once and i threw it away it was so hard to clean
  9. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    I plan to get the biggest thing I can find :) I don't necessarily like the box - because isn't that just a plastic box? I like the fact the water can flow in through the net, that way he still feels like he's a part of the tank. I just want it to be like a mini punishment so that the other gourami can psych himself up and be able to wonder around the tank without having to worry about anything
  10. atmmachine816Fishlore VIPMember

    no boxes are plastic which makes them easy to clean and they have slits on the sides and bottom so the water can still flow through but all the poop and junk gets stuck in the net and wont come out but its your opinion
  11. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    Oh as long as they have holes.. I didn't think they had holes.. :) you are right that does sound alot better :)
  12. atmmachine816Fishlore VIPMember

    yup i didnt know about that either at first but once i did i got one
  13. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    thanks :)
  14. GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    I think your gourami is always gonna be bullied by the other as long as they are both in the same tank. This has always been my experience with all my gouramis. I've kept the golden and opaline varieties, and I have read that the dwarf types are even more aggressive.
  15. 0morrokhFishlore VIPMember

    What I would do is get a tank divider to separate the bully. You can't keep a fish in a little box forever, and a bully is always going to be a bully.
  16. bullhorsetookNew MemberMember

    I have two Dwarf Gouramis for nearly a year and both seem to be getting along well. In fact they spend a lot of time beside one another. One difference between our situations is that I have them in a 55 gallon tank. I have considered adding two more but after reading some of the posts I am reconsidering. I love the Gold Gourmais but I have known them to be a bit aggressive. Looks like another Silver Dollar ::)