Betta And Alge Question

  1. Tripp_theBetta

    Tripp_theBetta New Member Member

    So I have a moon tail Betta in a 10gal with 2 snails, it's a live planted tank so I have to gravel vac any alge when I do water changes but this seems to upset my fish? When the alge starts to form on his gravel I notice him laying on it alot, and after I vac it all up he shakes himself and rubs himself in the same spot stiring up the substrate before giving up and going to his betta leaf or log, should I leave a spot of alge for him? Or would it be too detrimental to his tank? 1528806647045.jpg
  2. BringKermitBack

    BringKermitBack Well Known Member Member

    I would suggest getting rid of it and putting moss in its place.
  3. Algonquin

    Algonquin Well Known Member Member