Betta and a lizard compatible?

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Imashark, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Imashark

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    I'm just wondering the compatibility of a betta and say a newt or salamander. I know the firebelly newt is popular(don't think petco sells those) but they eat worms and stuff. Are there smaller "lizards" that are aquatic and eat small fish food?
  2. fishaddiction

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    They are aquatic animals like turtles you could try it but it seems easier to by 2 five gallon tanks and by one of each. The newt likes worms and I doubt much else.
  3. kinezumi89

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    Turtles need huge tanks and will easily eat a betta. Another member made a thread about lizards with bettas and the general consensus was "I'm not sure, but no way would I try it."
  4. Bettalover99

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    i would think that if you put something small yet defensive in the tank with your betta it shouldnt be a problem im assuming this is a male, females you can basically put anything with. however bettas are agressive, they need space to adjust to another fish or anything snails ect. my advice would be purchase a 6-10 gallon with a divider allowing the lizard and betta to see each other. if i were you personally i would place my betta with tropical fish like neon tetras and let him adjust to fish that can escape him before adding something like a lizard or turtle. if he adjusts well to the neons then place the divider allowing him with his neon friends to see the lizard. then after a few days if he doesnt calm down and adjust i would say it probably wont work out. bettas are very aggressive. its important to keep him well fed so that he wont nip at the other fish or your lizard . he should be okay though. like i said start him off small
  5. aquaticat

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    Not entirely true, but it depends...

    As far as the betta with the lizard goes, it's probably not a good idea ;) I would think the betta would be eaten!
  6. Bettalover99

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    I had my females with everything from chiclids to community fish, they are friendly yet defensive . No you can't put a small female betta with a tank full of starved pirahanas but you catch my drift ;)
  7. soltarianknight

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    You have your experience, we all have ours. There are plenty of cases that are contrary to yours. So when giving out information, please remember that your experiences won't be theirs and that proper warning should be given. I have had plenty of females that were not community compatible.

    As for keeping a betta with a newt, not gonna work for a few reasons.

    The first is that you would need something of a 10-20gal that has been partially divided to have a land/water terrain. It must have enough water(5gals) for the betta, so a 20 will work better.

    Then you have temperature needs, the newt needs much cooler water and seasonal changes, the betta will not stand for this. Also the heating methods are a bit different for newts and bettas, one uses lamps, heat pads and such and the other just a water heater.

    Finally, an adult newt will more then likely try to take a chunk out of a betta's fins. They can be territorial and aggressive.

    All in all it is a bad Idea, the same as keeping 2 different species of reptile/amphibian together.