betta acting wierd Question

  1. mizz_pyro Member Member

    ever since my betta magnum died, the betta sushi that lived in the other half has been acting wierd. he curls himself in a ball and just lays somewhere between decorations. he constantly has a full belly (hes been feasting on water fleas) even though all the waterfleas have been gone for a week. hes even hiding himself and not responding when i walk in..... he shouldnt be close to the end of his life because i got him a year after magnum. he doesnt even want to chase the shrimp and corys that he now shares his tank with, he wont flare or anything.
  2. Wendy Lubianetsky Well Known Member Member

    Do Bettas have feelings? I have other fish that I KNOW get mad at me and lay on the bottom of the tank to express their displeasure. They even glare at me. I do not think that it is beyond the realm of possibilities that your Betta simply misses the presence of the other Betta. Have you replaced the Betta yet, maybe that will help him feel better. Good Luck with your Betta.:;hf
  3. mizz_pyro Member Member

    no i havent replaced the betta with another betta, i did replace him with 3 shrimp and 2 corys. i wasnt sure if i wanted to reseperate the tank. i was thinking maybe he would be happy to have the whole 10 gallon to swim in
  4. mizz_pyro Member Member

    I NEED HELP!!!!! i looked at my betta when i got home from work today, i found him laying on his side at the top of the tank, his scales pineconed, a piece of his tail sitting on the gravel, a little pale. idk what is wrong, the tank is fine, the perimiters are fine, he doesnt want to eat....... whats wrong with my sushi???
  5. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    Well, how did magnum die? Sounds like Sushi is showing dropsey, wonder whats casuing that. Now, what are the perams?
  6. mizz_pyro Member Member

    magnum died from old age he was 3 almost 4 years old. i hope its not dropsey because i dont have money to get meds for him. im not sure what the perams are but when i took a sample into petco they told me it was perfect
  7. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    Yeah...petco, they lie, often, kind of like a bad habit. I would invest in a test kit. How often do you clean the tank, is it cycled, is it heated??? How big. He has dropsey, he will most likely die.
  8. mizz_pyro Member Member

    i plan on investing in a test kit when ever i get enough money, i dont clean my tanks as often as ppl suggest because when i do they just get worse. the last time i cleaned one of my tanks i lost almost all my fish and my plants all died, if i leave my tanks alone everything thrives....... its cycled, its heated, 10 gallon....... but it doesnt matter much now, he died a few days ago while i was at work.