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Beta With Cotton Mouth?

  1. J

    Jac10 New Member Member

    I posted Sunday saying that my Beta was dying. I had moved him from a 1-1/2 gallon tank to a 10 gallon, filtered, heated tank a few months ago. She had popeye over a month ago, and then starting on Christmas, she got got really sick, stopped eating (hasn't eaten since then), was swimming in circles and staying near the top for air. Her swimming also looked like there was a problem with buoyancy. Finally, a little cotton tuft emerged on her head.

    Someone here diagnosed her with cotton mouth and I ordered the recommended antibiotic combo and they arrived today. (Kanaplex and Jungle Fungus Clear fizz tabs) Somehow, my fish is still surviving with no food. I'd been putting the Artemiss Microbe-Lift that cured her Popeye in the tank and doing partial water changes every other day. She seems better in some ways- swimming much better. But her color is really fading on her head. The cotton thing is pretty much gone. She almost seems content swimming around, but she still won't eat.

    I guess I'm looking for moral support that I should give her these strong medications when she seemed to be getting slightly better. It has been many days since she's eaten though. And her color is worse. I'm hesitant to use the Jungle Fungus clear because it arrived and had one of those messages on the box about "containing a chemical that causes cancer." I hate that note! i usually send anything back that has that on it. So, something about going it to the fish feels wrong. Could I just try the Kanaplex, or do I really have to use both?

    Also- how should I clean out the bucket I use for water changes- and should I also clean the siphon? I just have one bucket so I use it to empty and refill. In the past I cleaned it with vinegar after she had popeye and rinsed really well.

    Also - do I ever do a total water change in the 10 gallon tank? I'm new to having the bigger tank. Thank you! So thankful to have found this forum.
  2. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    Can you post a pic? Total water changes are never a good idea. I would try soaking her food in garlic.

  3. J

    Jac10 New Member Member

    OK thanks. I just wasn't sure if we ever did a full water change with a bigger tank. I have not. I'm not sure about soaking her food since she won't touch it. These are the pics I posted the other day. She looks similar, but lost a lot more color in her head now- almost silverfish grey and almost spotted rather than her dark blue color.

    Attached Files:

  4. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    Any chance you can get a new picture? I'd like to see the change.
  5. J

    Jac10 New Member Member

    Here are a few photos I just took with the flash on for two. The two I posted above did not have flash so it's a little hard to tell. Her color has definitely faded a lot more.

    Attached Files:

  6. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    It's columnaris for sure, but she also appears to have some type of deformity.
  7. J

    Jac10 New Member Member

    I always wondered about that curve...she's always had that- it may have gotten worse though. So if it's columnaris- do you recommend I go ahead and start the kanaplex and the fungus clear fizz tabs together today?
  8. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    You could. I think the Kanaplex would likely be the most beneficial.

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