10 Gallon Tank Best websites to buy?


Hi all,

Wondering what the best websites to buy fish are since Petco and pet smart are the only two pet stores in my area and they don’t have the fish I want. Thanks.


i have had some luck on here actually in the buy sell trade section
also have ordered some on ebay but that can be hit and miss you have to look into the seller

i really like aquatic arts and wet spot tropical fish for website companies

what kind of fish are you looking for?
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I've ordered from Aqua Huna several times, and wouldn't hesitate to do so again. I've seen several other people here say the same thing. Most (maybe all) or their fish are sold in groups, ranging from 3 to 10, but the prices and shipping are very reasonable.

If you'll go to the Aquarium Co-op's website and click on the link for Live Fish there will be a discount code you can use when ordering from Aqua Huna to reduce the price even further (I think it's 5%).

SanDiegoRedneck said:
i have had some luck on here actually in the buy sell trade section . . .
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I would recommend wetspot >> aquaticarts == aquahuna
I find wetspot selection and quality exceptional - aquaticarts is not bad but not the same level - aquahuna is mega cheaper (esp when you factor in shipping). Aquahuna is also best for non-experience people given their liberal doa policy (wetspot and aquaticarts have the usual take the picture before the bag is open within one hour of first delivery attempt policy).
Be aware that many of aquahuna stocking is young so might be fairly small (i.e, if you order rasbora do not be surprise if they are 1/2 size - so if you have larger fishes and are expecting adults you might be a bit surprise when you receive expensive food for your larger fishes

For less common fishes I would also highly recommend aquaticclarity (shipping is high) and tangledupincichlids with an edge to aquaticclarity. tangeldupincichlids is suffering a bit with regards to stocking due to the panademic but that should clear up in another 6 months or so.

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