Best way to keep a pleco from getting lazy


Jeeves has done a great job at cleaning up the tank, but he is running out of stuff to eat. It looks like I'll need to supplement his diet with veggies and algae wafers. How often do I need to feed him, don't want him expecting food and letting the tank get dirty


I drop in one algae wafer for my BN twice a day and a slice of cucumber every few days, which he shares with three or four other fish.

With all fish though - if they're leaving food for longer than it says on the packet (usually about 2 hours for algae wafers) you should reduce the amount you're feeding them.


I would give him a slice of fresh veggie about every 2nd or 3rd day and a veggie wafer in between.don't let him become dependent on food being there. If you see algae I would skip the meal.


You could also run an 'algae farm'.. some decor in a tank with FL lighting.. I'll usually let a piece or 2 of decor in the tanks get some algae on it & then move it to the tank with the plecos or shrimp when they need more algae to eat.. almost never have to use wafers now.

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