Best way to dry out gravel vac


I've got the same problem as the guy in a couple of threads below - I think I've got mould in the tubing of my gravel vac - I reckon I'll need to get a new one. Sigh. Just wondering - what's the best way of drying out the vac completely after use? I've been so tempted to rinse it in tap water, but my gut kept telling me not to do it.


tap water probably wouldnt hurt but I wouldnt recommend it. everynow and then its best to replace it but after every use let it air dry to help prevent mold. the fact that its a long tube would make it hard to get all the mold out and you don't want to risk it.but then again its pulling stuff out of your tank not putting it in your tank so its a pretty close call try a web search


I have always used hot tap water to rinse the tube. Then I just let it air dry in either the drain board or outside in the sun. No mold in my 8 month old tube.


I use a vinegar and water rinse after every other time I use it, so twice a month. Then air dry. about 1/2c od vinegar in 3 gallon pail.:;z

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