Best Thing To Do About Mollies Breeding


I bought two adult mollies that were gorgeous in my opinion from my LFS but after a couple of weeks, I noticed the all white molly gave birth to two fish and I was like alright then, free fish. After two weeks I noticed the dalmation molly was huge and a couple of days ago she gave birth to twenty fry, I currently have them in a ten gallon while the adult mollies are in my twenty gallon long, while they are small, I have no idea where I will put them all once they grow up because in all I have two adult mollies both female, two juvenile mollies both female, four neon tetras three females and one male(I believe one of them is almost ready to lay eggs), three corydoras one is male and the other female but I am not sure about the other one (I think two of the copies are mating as they are inseparable and one keeps going on top the other), one ghost shrimp, and two platies both male. (I am aware that the corydoras and tetras are schooling fish and I plan to add more if it is possible.) What do you think the best course of action should be because I don't have any room to get a bigger tank until I move out?


I would contact your LFS and ask if they take fish. There are some smaller mom and pop places around me that will take animals and depending on what you have they may give store credit. Generally petsmart and petco don't take fish though.


This is the problem with livebearers. Unless you want to breed them and have a plan for the fry you really want to leave the fry in the main tank so they are eaten. Adding a "predator" to the tank would also help ensure no fry survive.
I would look for a LFS to take them, if that isn't the case I would just kill them all with clove oil as I see no sense in raising fry that may end up living in a horribly overstocked tank and causing you headaches. May seem harsh but killing unwanted fry is best for everyone in some cases.


Most LFS's will give you money or store credit for fish if they are grown enough to see their colors and sell. Mine wants them to be grown out. They also keep asking me for RCS every time I come in and ask if I have seen any babies yet. I keep telling them I haven't seen any yet but they just keep asking xD


Leave the fry with the adults and other fish. If you don't feed for a few days your other fish should take care of most of the fry but your going to have the same problem every month

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