Best Sw Starters

Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by Reef13G YT, Jul 30, 2017.


Who is the Honorable Mention?

  1. Royal Gramma

  2. Dottyback

  3. Damselfish

  4. Yellow Tang

  5. Green Goby

  6. Midnight Occelaris Clown

  7. Yellow Chromis

  8. Dwarf Saltwater Betta

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  1. Reef13G YT

    Reef13G YT Valued Member Member

    Best Fish For Starters

    5. Lawn Mower Blenny
    Requires a larger tank, but is almost indestructible. Shoot it with a gun, it won't die [don't actually do that.] It eats fallen food, algae, and other things.

    4. Cardinal
    It's probably the best fish, the only thing bad is it's diet. It sometimes refuses food, and if it's tries to attack a bigger fish, it can get injured, or killed.

    3. Ocellaris Clown
    A.K.A. Nemo. Did you know that clownfish sales went up x3 because of Nemo. This fish can also survive a bullet, if you shot the bullet in the water and it was a long distance away.

    2. Blue Green Chromis
    I have 2 in a 15 gallon tank. They do fine. It would be the best, only if it didn't kill other Chromis.

    1. Firefish

    They are rather fragile but have good diets, and can survive in conditions+ really cheap.

    Best Coral


    It's a very easy coral, can be sold for $10-100. Very colorful


  2. Tyler Fishman

    Tyler Fishman Valued Member Member

    Xenias, would be safer and imo, grow faster
  3. OP
    Reef13G YT

    Reef13G YT Valued Member Member

    Zoanthids are a lot easier to find in stores though. I don't think any of my local stores sell Xenias
  4. Nart

    Nart Well Known Member Member

    not all zoas contain palytoxin. don't be too worried about that. even then, practice safe keeping and handling and you'll be fine.

    Also - false that zoas are very easy corals. they do extremely well in some systems, and in others it will just melt or not get good growth at all. Pulsing xenias are the same way as well.

    Duncans and rock flower anemones are fun and easy to keep. Fun to feed too.
  5. OP
    Reef13G YT

    Reef13G YT Valued Member Member

    What should I get. I'm getting my first coral today. Not sure what one to get

    if I do get zoanthids, how do I cut the coral
  6. Nart

    Nart Well Known Member Member

    I just told you in the paragraph you just quoted me lol. Duncan or rock flower anemone. Your choice.

    Look up how to propagate zoanthids. Too long for me to type out. Wear googles though, gloves, and keep your mouth closed during the cut lol. Wash hands properly after youre done. Lots of good videos on YouTube that shows you how.
  7. OP
    Reef13G YT

    Reef13G YT Valued Member Member

    ok I'll look for flower anemone or Duncan

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