Best Substrate For Planted Tank?

  1. Lynelle Gold Initiate Member

    I just got a new 36 gallon tank. I want to take my time setting it up and create a really beautiful planted tank. What kinds of substrate do people suggest for this? I've read various things. To me, it seems natural to add dirt because plants need soil right? But I'm worried about the water being mucky and the tank being impossible to clean. What are people's experience with dirted tanks? What are other options for heavily planted tanks?
  2. Jefferys420 Member Member

    As long as your cap is thick enough it'll be just fine youb shouldnt have murky water And plants grow very well =) here's mine 20170628_113918.jpg
  3. Lynelle Gold Initiate Member

    Looks nice. Did you just add dirt from outside that you baked in the oven to kill pests and bacteria? Or did you buy special aquarium soil?
  4. Jefferys420 Member Member

    No I used potting soil let it soak over night so it could settle and make it water logged the longer you leave it the better to build up some bacteria I was told but you have to sift those big chunky pieces out or it'll cause a bit of problems later on and then add your cap....all the plants in my tank have all grown from 1s that I've bought and in only bought 1 of each 20170207_205300.jpg

    That's was 1 week after setup and it's been running since Feb 16th or something
  5. Lynelle Gold Initiate Member

    Cool, I'm going to try it!
  6. OnTheFly Well Known Member Member

    Nothing grows plants better but it will take a ittle experience to figure out how to not make dirt storms in your tanks. Add water sloooooowly and put plants where you want the first time. Redecorating makes a mess. You can recover but it definitely makes a mess. No fish for a while. Your water may be "hot" for some time.
  7. Jefferys420 Member Member

    Just don't try gravel vac to readily lol doesn't work out to well with the dirt under the substrate