Best substrate for bee shrimps ?


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Hi I am thinking of setting up a specimen tank with bee shrimp . I am most likely going to go for the fluval edge 46l .
Can anyone recommend the best substrate for them I will be using some sort of wood which I will cover in plants and mosses also I will have smaller pieces of wood on the floor covered in fern or moss. I have just read that shrimp substrate only last 12 months surely you don `t change it every 12 months ?


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Sand is a nice choice for shrimp, and it doesn't change the water parameters. A couple other substrates I have seen used fairly often are Fluval shrimp stratum, which doesn't effect the water too much and is good for plants, and ADA aquasoil, which would lower the KH and pH of the water supposedly and last longer for plant nutrients. I believe both have a high CEC (takes in fertilizers from the water), but the buffering capability may be depleted fairly quick depending on your water.

So, if the substrate doesn't break down (from too much disturbance or other things) it would still be useful for plants in the long run. Indian almond leaves are always an option if the soil cannot buffer the water anymore, that is if that's what you want it to do, and shrimp supposedly like having the leaves and the infusoria they can have. Sorry, I seem to have rambled a bit much on this.
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