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Hello all, I'm looking for recommendations on a siphon or vacuum for water changes. I CANNOT use the Python system as my faucet will not adapt to it, and I rent so it isn't my decision to go overhauling the hardware. I don't want a "self-priming" thing, the ones you pump up and down, as I have sand in a 29 gallon tank and that just causes massive sand disturbance. I've seen a few products on Amazon that have hand pumps to get them started, but they have mixed reviews. Does anyone have a product they can recommend?
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I'm with you, I'm stuck with the bucket method. However, I don't have sand, but I know PetSmart/ Petco sell pumps without the primer so it shouldn't disturb the sand. I've been looking into getting sand, and from what I've read these can be moved over the sand and shaken slightly to get debris and stuff. The ones without the pumps in them can be started either by priming with the mouth (not the best option) or ( I can't find the video so I'm going to try and explain as best I can, sorry) put into the tank, tilted horizontally, lifted up at an angle and mostly out of the tank so the water goes down the tube, and quickly placed back in the tank so the suction stays.
Something like this doesn't have a hand pump, and it comes in bigger sizes.
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Thanks for the response. That's what I have, and it's not working for me. I'm especially interested in using it to return water from a 5 gallon bucket into the tank so I don't have to dump and disturb all the sand, and there isn't room to get it tilted sideways in the bucket.


I use this:

It cheap and it works okay.

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