Best Plants For Play Sand Substrate?


Hey there, I just bought a creeping Jenny and I was wondering if it could grow with a play sand substrate, and if I would need root tabs for it. I would also like to know what other plants would be able to thrive in play sand.
Thank you in advance!


Any. You just need root tabs.
I use pool filter sand. What's most important is your lighting and the ferts you add, as well as if you're going high tech vs low tech. Mine is low tech.

Ugh, i'm trying to add a photo but it's not working.


Yeah pretty much anything if you fertilize properly.

Here's something I wrote yesterday in another thread about water column + substrate fertilization:

This person did an experiment with a divided tank: EI method in water column and then osmocote only in half of the substrate.

The side with osmocote did do better, but the side with EI was healthy and fast growing too, including so called root feeders. I think the takeaway is that any plants can absolutely thrive with proper fertilization, but double fertilization in both the water and substrate will benefit plants even more. Which makes sense, more nutrients is always going to make the plants happier.

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