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Hey y'all. I have a 10 gallon betta sorority tank with a few loaches. I am looking for some plants for my tank. I already have some bamboo in there. I was thinking of ordering a moss ball? What plants do you recommend i get? I was considering some duckweed? Just to help with cycling the tank and add a pop of color. Also, where would i get it? I was thinking of asking around some local pond businesses to see if i could pick up some duckweed from them for cheaper than it would be to ship some online?


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A betta sorority would probably be better in a 20 long if you're able to swing it. THere's not enough space in a 10g for them to get their own territory or to hide if they need to.

That said, duckweed should be practically free. See if there is a local plant group or check on craigslist. People usually sell a baggie of it for $2 or give it away for free. I have frogbit and it multiplies quickly and I've heard duckweed is even faster. I pull out handfuls at each water change. For other options I'd try something they can hide behind which is not moss balls. Crypts are good and can handle being in a 10 gallon with basic light and gravel (I had one in the exact setting, it looked like a weed it got so big). Anubias are good but be aware that they do grow slow. Staurogyne repens is a nice choice although it doesn't offer a lot of hiding spots unless you're going to do a lot of aquascaping to make little hills with it. Bacopa Cardinia might work as well.
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