Best pellet/flake food for African dwarf frogs? Frog won't eat.

  1. Africandwarffrogowner

    Africandwarffrogowner Valued Member Member

    I have three ADFs and one won't eat the bloodworms at all. I'm going to get brine shrimp today, but would also like a good pellet or flake food for some variety. I'm nervous if I can't get the one who won't eat the bloodworms by tonight, he might die. He seemed fine when I left for work today, but I guess early this morning he was on his back (almost appearing dead)... Help???

    Also, I feed them using plastic tweezers. The other two eat every time I feed them, I haven't seen the third one eat at all though and he doesn't even acknowledge the bloodworms right in front of his face.
  2. E

    ErinE New Member Member

    I couldn't keep them alive. They need perfect water conditions and need to be pretty much spoon fed. I've read about feeding them on a dish so they learn to eat in the same place and feeding them with tweezers.
  3. OP

    Africandwarffrogowner Valued Member Member

    The water conditions are fine, that's not the problem. It's just one of them not eating from the tweezers. I think I just might need a new kind of food. That was my question.
  4. Lemonz13

    Lemonz13 Valued Member Member

    I had the same problem when I had 3 ADFs. Two were plump but the third one would never react when I tried feeding him. That one eventually died while I had it in qt. the other two are still swimming though.

    The third one I had only took a bit of food when I fed him the first couple days in the qt tank, but I think that was just dumb luck

    Have you tried taking him out separately to feed him/leaving him with the food for a bit in a small dish so he learns he can eat it.

    The two I still have eat bloodworms, and occasionally eat the shrimp pellets that I have for the fish. But a varied diet never hurts!
  5. maggie thecat

    maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    Mine will eat the sinking bottom feeder pellets from Hikari. I break them into quarters and give the frogs a few when I'm feeding my other tanks. They also liked frozen glass worms and ablend called Emerald Entree. ( I thaw cubes of different foods and feed the blend.)

    Target feeding is important. A small dish or plate can make a world of difference.