Best Online Shrimp/Invert Sellers

  1. Bithimala Well Known Member Member

    What online stores have people had good experiences with in regards to ordering shrimp? I know there are some big name ones, but I'd love to see what type of experiences people have had in ordering on here, since I don't trust just knowing the name.
  2. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    I have had really good luck with

    Dave and Crystal are the owners and are really nice people to work with. Several of my Red Sakura shrimp was DOA and they were very easy to work with to get replacements. They even threw in an extra shrimp each time ( I've had 2 instances of DOA ) and even gave me extra java moss and a coupon.
  3. Bithimala Well Known Member Member

    Thank you, Junne! Also, thanks to the others who randomly reinforced the recommendation on other threads. Experience was wonderful, they were fast to reply to questions, everyone arrived happy and healthy, and as you mentioned, two free shrimp were included. Packaging was a bit messy, but it was definitely safe :)
  4. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    The packaging was awesome! I loved that they care about the environment to use such recyclable materials and the insulation kept the shrimp nice and warm :)
    But yeah, if you didn't expect all of that fluff,, it would have been a surprise ;)
  5. Bithimala Well Known Member Member

    Yep, it was definitely a surprise, but I completely agree, it's great to see them using recycled material for it.
  6. jnmason999 Member Member

    Glad to hear this. I am thinking about ordering shrimp from them.