Best Online Fish Store For Livestock Question

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    As much as I’m skeptical about it, I have to turn to online sources for this fish.
    Since I live in NE America, there isn’t anyone in my general area who sells hillstream loaches. I’m doing a tank setup specifically for those, and maybe another fast-water fish if I can. I love the little nuggets and can’t wait to have my own.
    Is there any reputable sites that you guys know of? So far only LiveAquaria has popped up, and I’m a little suspicious of how cheap they are over there. I don’t want to get loaches that can possibly get hurt or die once I get them.
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    They're awesome little fish, they're not generally expensive to begin with so I'm not sure being cheap would indicate poor quality... Aquabid would probably be a good option as well.
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    Trinsfish when they get them back in stock.
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    Good to know. Ive had a hard time finding Canadian shippers in the past...
  7. OP

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    I live in NH, which is pretty close to Canada, so I think it should be ok
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    My colleague at work who also keeps fish just received an order of live fish from Live Aquaria 2 weeks ago.

    He ordered a 2x tire track and 1x fire eels, 3 different types of plecos and an African cichlid. All were sized as advertised, except for the eels which were actually larger. All alive, no DOA's.

    I just received my first online fish order from Live Fish Direct out of Utah earlier in the month. For my new 55g mbuna tank build, I ordered 15x mbuna and a Syndontis Multipunctatus. Same friend tacked on a Congo Calvus and Nyererei cichlid. Again everything came in alive.

    My buddy again made another online purchase, this time from Imperial Tropicals out of Florida. He got a Vieja, 2x severums, 2x African cichlids, 2c south American cichlids, while I added 2x gold dojo loaches, 2x Synodontis Petricola Lucipinnis, and 2x zebra obliquidens to the order. Once again, everything came in as advertised and alive.

    None of the fish we've ordered from those 3 places in the last 3 months have shown any signs of illness.

    If any of those places have what you are looking for, I would not hesitate buying from them.

    But if you ever need Rams or super red bushy nose plecos, the go-to guy for that is CoralBandit on the forum!
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    What part of New Hampshire do you live in? The Petco in Portsmouth has an unusually wide selection for a box store. I’m pretty sure they have hillstream loaches in the nano section or they can order them with a future shipment. Friendlee Pets is another one that is eager to do special request orders but they’re very picky about their guarantee if anything bad happens. LiveAquaria has been very easy to work with in my experience. Quick to refund a dead fish even a couple days after arrival (some deaths when shipment was held at airport). Let me know if you have questions about other New Hampshire LFS and chains lol I stop at every one I pass whenever I go some where
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    I’ve been to the petsmart next to kohls at the strip in Newington, in front of the theatre. My father works at the Best Buy over there so I’m here quite a bit. I’ve never been to the petco out there though. I’ll definitely take a look!
    I go to friendlee pets all the time! They’re my favorite store and they take such good care of their animals. The African butterfly fish there always makes me laugh. I didn’t know they did special orders either! That’s where I got my original batch of tetras, my shrimps, and my plants. I love them so much
    I live about an hour away from friendlee pets, even though I practically live there lol
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    I've heard mixed things about Live Aquaria. A lot of people said they were sent the wrong fish, fish poorly bred, or dead fish. There are also people who've had no problems. Seems to hit or miss, making it sound risky to me.
    Also, I believe they're owned by PetCo, if that means anything to anyone.
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    Hello ‘neighbor’! Just saw this thread while browsing - I live about a mile from the Friend Lee Pets at the Lee traffic circle, and shop at the Petco in Newington (the one between Marshall’s and Market Basket) all the time. In fact I just cleaned them out of Yoyo loaches yesterday! I know Friend Lee Pets has 3 stores, in Lee, Portsmouth and Exeter, but I’ve only bought fish from the one in Lee - and they were not good experiences, unfortunately. I have special ordered fish from the Petco in Newington, and not only have been satisfied with the health of the fish, but their 30 day guarantee is very adequate to cover issues you can encounter with new fish.