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  1. Jamie Boshier

    Jamie Boshier Valued Member Member

    So I'm fairly new to fish keeping but getting there!
    I have a 160 litre tank and i just wondered what the best method would be to do a water change. And how often I need to do a complete clean of my tank. I have an external filter and my water health is good at the moment. I want to try and do a water change once every couple of weeks but need to find a quick way of doing so as I haven't got a lot of time on my hands.

    Thanks jamie

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  2. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Water changes should be done weekly to keep on top of water quality.
    A complete clean of the tank shouldn't be necessary unless something's gone badly wrong, a weekly water change, gravel/substrate vac & glass clean if it's looking dirty, should be enough.
    Look into a Python system for easy water changing, if you're DIY minded you could probably make your own, I've seen several people who have.
  3. TheCoolFish

    TheCoolFish Valued Member Member

    Yea I just siphon water using a quarter inch hose and pump it back in using the same hose and a cheap power head