Best Method To Photograph Fish?

Discussion in 'Photos' started by CarrieFisher, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. CarrieFisher

    CarrieFisher Well Known Member Member

    My iPhone 6s, sadly doesn't do too good of a job.
    I do have a digital SLR, and I know all about photography and how to use my camera outside of manual settings, lol, but I was curious what some of you use to get nice pics your fish that never seem to stop.

    Are you all digging out your big boy and girl cameras, or just using smart phones and/or tablets?
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  2. APierce

    APierce Well Known Member Member

    I use my computer, that is why it is so hard to get a good picture!
  3. Briggs

    Briggs Well Known Member Member

    Man, I use my phone for all my photography these days. I have an older DSLR and a bare bones 35mm that I used in school in my closet somewhere, but the phone is so much easier and I'm lazy.

  4. OP

    CarrieFisher Well Known Member Member

    I'm a teensy bit of a photography nerd, but most of my hobby stuff is urban decay.

    I have this really old Nikon 35mm SLR, it's such a low tech camera, but one of my faves.
    No editing, man, just know your settings and when/how to use em

    I also have a Nikon DSLR, that's what I use mostly these days
  5. juanortez

    juanortez Valued Member Member

    I use my iPhone 7+ takes nice pictures. I usually use the zoom or portrait mode to take pictures. I have been wanting to try out a DSLR to see if there's much difference or if I could be able to handle it.
  6. Briggs

    Briggs Well Known Member Member

    I sometimes miss my 35mm, but how do you even get film developed these days unless you have your own dark room? I guess you have to mail it somewhere? I can't think of any place that'll do it around here anymore.
  7. Fashooga

    Fashooga Fishlore VIP Member

    The best method is just luck...if you have jumpy fish it will always be hard, if you have an Oscar, easy pictures.
  8. OP

    CarrieFisher Well Known Member Member

    DSLRs are big fun!!
    I mean, the manual setting are there so you can use it while you still kinda don't know how to use it
    But there is MAGIC inside of those things when you learn about shutter speeds, aperture, lenses, filters, etc!

    I NEVER edit my pics in my computer.
    I actually don't even have or know how to use photoshop! Lol

    I'm CERTAINLY no pro, I just try to take pictures and have fun
    Most of my pics are beyond dumb and boring, and many aren't even good!!
    But I enjoy it, nonetheless

    Here's a prime example, lol
    I did t take a wide angle lens with me (or a tripod, bc I was kinda trespassing ) and you can totally see where I melted two pics together... IN POWERPOINT, lol, bc I don't have any editing suites

      (this one, I emailed to myself after getting it off of my as card so that I could put on Instagram, lol. It's my nephew, Sterling... that kid is 14 now!! )
  9. juanortez

    juanortez Valued Member Member

    I'll take a shot at it if I can get my hands on one nice pictures!
  10. OP

    CarrieFisher Well Known Member Member

    You can sometimes find refurbished Nikons for really good prices on eBay or at Best Buy

    eBay was where I got my film SLR a hundred years ago, lol

    It was actually my very first eBay purchase!
  11. KarenSoCal

    KarenSoCal Well Known Member Member

    I took these using an Android app called Camera Zoom, available in the Play Store. There's a free version, and a paid for $1.99 I think. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Not perfect, but it helps if you steady the phone against the tank glass.
    0d952520cb249d64948a4f47269a2151.jpg 32a35addce6567d264c5845d6630a05c.jpg 61ff80ab9f19541453ab761761d20664.jpg
  12. OP

    CarrieFisher Well Known Member Member

    Holy smokes, @KarenSoCal, those are incredible!!!!
  13. KarenSoCal

    KarenSoCal Well Known Member Member

    Well, thank you! Of course, patience plays a big part in success as well!

    I know nothing about I phones, but another trick you may be able to try...if you have "modes" on your camera, try using the "sports" setting. Same as setting a faster shutter speed.
  14. OP

    CarrieFisher Well Known Member Member

    You know something funny...
    I've been an iPhone user for 10 years now, and I've never even considered looking for modes within my camera app!

    (I just did, tho, it appears there aren't any... Boooo )
  15. KarenSoCal

    KarenSoCal Well Known Member Member

    Maybe you can find an app in the Play Store...I went searching and found mine.
    BTW, I was born and raised in York. Lived there til 2006.
  16. AngelTheGypsy

    AngelTheGypsy Fishlore VIP Member

    I'm going to try that app! I hope I got he right one! There are several!!

    How's your husband doing?
  17. KarenSoCal

    KarenSoCal Well Known Member Member

    Thanks for asking! He is still in rehab, but is improving. We're hoping he can come home in a week or so. Still ornery, still says "no more tanks!" So he's doing good!
    App is Camera ZOOM by bzing.
    $1.99 for full app, will be going up to $5.99 sometime.
  18. Lchi87

    Lchi87 Moderator Moderator Member

    I have an iphone 6 and use the video function to take pictures...while the video is recording it auto focuses so it's easier to get clear pictures..bribing the fish helps too !
  19. CBentley

    CBentley New Member Member

    I use my iPhone 7 cc07ce79fb67cb9d1e212dc0d99834b0.jpg 9e14eaf5ef78216e0c69810e83b0bc4f.jpg

    Have higher Resolutions just uploaded "medium" seize on Tapatalk. d73271e7510992b9b593e966c403c8c4.jpg
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  20. Thunder_o_b

    Thunder_o_b Fishlore VIP Member

    Photography is a melding of art and science. While equipment is important even the best gear will not yield high level photography if the one using it does not have the knowledge and skill to use it.

    A strong understanding of the fundamentals of art (like the rule of thirds, primary and secondary subjects, focal point etc) is needed along with a complete understanding of the operation of the equipment.

    Along with this there is a need to understand the subject. Animals each have their own unique way of acting. To get outside of the realm of luck (that was stated above) you will need to understand how to anticipate the movement of the fish before the fish makes it.

    Slow moving fish (bettas for example) may seem easier than fast moving fish (danios) but they are not as easy as one might think.

    Here are some examples:

    1. Glass cats. About as still as they come. Lighting and composition were the key to this shot.

    2. An otto. Waiting for the time when it swam, and knowing how it would swim yielded this shot.

    3. Spawning angels. Again lighting and composition.

    4. My avatar. Lighting and composition.

    5. Glowlight. Fast fish.

    6. Australian rainbow. Fast fish

    7. Danio. Fast fish.

    8. Neon tetra. Fast fish.

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