Best Meds For Treating Goldfish With Ick?

  1. Over It Well Known Member Member

    So today is really not my day. I must have brought in Ick with the live plants I bought for my Goldfish tank.

    I was planning on using Jungle Ick Clear to get rid of it fast, but I usually don't use meds so I was wondering if the Jungle Ick Clear will kill or hurt my bio-filter?

    Or any other suggestions on a better med to use to kill it quickly?
    Also looking at API Super Ick Cure or Kordons Ich Attack.
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  3. VioletSS Member Member

    Ick can be carried by plants? I did not know that.
  4. kuhlkid Member Member

    I was hoping folks with direct experience with Jungle meds would weigh in, but since it's staying quiet, I can at least help you research. Clarify for me, what's the exact name of the medication? I've seen Jungle Fungus Clear and Jungle Ick Guard. What have you got?
  5. kuhlkid Member Member

    Also, what kind of goldfish do you have? What are their temp requirements? I understand goldfish tend to like colder waters.
  6. Over It Well Known Member Member

    Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I didn't get any alerts for some reason.

    Yes, it can be brought in by plants if they are in a tank with fish.

    I ended up getting API Super Ick Cure. I read some bad stuff about the Jungle Ick Cure so decided against using it.
    The Jungle Ick Cure is the tablets that you put in the water that fizz.

    I have 2 Fantail Goldfish. They require cooler water. from 65-75 degrees I think is the optimal temp range.

    I decided to just go ahead and treat them with the API Super Ick Cure. It seems pretty straight forward and so far so good.
  7. kuhlkid Member Member

    Glad you found something you're comfortable moving ahead with! I saw similar feedback about the JIC, I think you've made the right call. I had good fortune treating ich with the heat treatment and salt, but I doubt putting your goldfish at 86F for any prolonged period would just stress them unduly. Keep us posted on how the API goes, and best of luck!
  8. Over It Well Known Member Member

    Thank you! Everyone is doing well this morning so I hope we are on the right track. I'll update this in case anyone else can find this info useful in the future.
  9. Over It Well Known Member Member

    A little update. This morning when I first checked them they still had all the little white spots, so I was worried maybe it wasn't working, but when I checked them just now almost all of the white spots are gone! Super happy right now. Looks like with just the second dose tomorrow they should be Ick free! Also everyone is doing very well.
  10. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    The ich parasite has fallen to the gravel, make sure to gravel vacuum really good and change at least 50% of the water to get rid of any parasites that are free-floating.
  11. Over It Well Known Member Member

    With the Med I'm using I can't do a water change for 4 days. I added the first dose yesterday, then I will add the second dose tomorrow and 48 hrs after that I can do a water change and add the carbon back in if I'm done with the treatment. Hopefully just the normal 2 doses will be enough.

    I did a 50% water change before starting the meds and I tested their water just a bit ago and everything is perfect. Hopefully it stays that way, but I can dose Prime if needed till I can do a water change.