Best investment: A thermometer recommendation

  1. millca

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    I'm raising some baby ranchus which require 100% water change everyday so a reliable thermometer that gives fast readings was in order. I found a meat thermometer on Amazon that has been a complete blessing to have on hand. Here's the link to it:

    My experience with aquarium thermometers they sell in pet stores was dismal. Nearly every single one (out of four) I had bought previously, plus a digital aquarium one off of ebay, all gave different temperatures. Since the main reason I need a thermometer is to make sure water temps match when water changing, the need for a thermometer with a quick reading also rose higher on my needs list.

    So I went and found the best meat thermometer I could find with a good rating on Amazon and bought it. It cost $18+ but was worth every penny for its speed.

    So if you are frustrated of not knowing your tank's temp and tap water, I highly recommend this one with one caveat: if you have multiple tanks, please sterilize the thermometer before you use it in the next tank with 70% rubbing alcohol.
  2. Rivieraneo

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    You got ranchus! And you dare share this with no pictures :(