Best Ideas For 92g Bowfront Stock

  1. Cichlids Stole My Heart

    Cichlids Stole My Heart Valued Member Member

    I'm currently setting up a 92 gallon bowfront tank with a ~20 gallon sump, but I might end up upgrading the sump I currently have so I can fit my refugium and protein skimmer inside of my sump instead. What do you recommend as a maximum stock for my first saltwater tank? I'm looking to try out corals (some softies and maybe some lps or sps if I feel comfortable with my saltwater abilities down the road lol) and trying some inverts as well, so preferably fish that are coral safe/reef safe/invert safe. Any unique fish that I should look into adding into my tank? And which fish would you recommend I begin stocking my tank with?
  2. KinsKicks

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    Out of curiosity, are there any fish you would like to keep in particular so we could build a stocking to include them? Or do you want a free for all sort of thing :p
  3. i

    ilovefishys17 Valued Member Member

    I would say start with clown fish forsure. I like yellow tangs and just tangs in general, so I would go with a yellow or bristle tooth tang. Reef safe wrasses would look pretty.
  4. Nart

    Nart Well Known Member Member

    I think a pretty neat stocking and natural looking setting would be a harem of clown fishes and just bubble tip anemones in the tank.
    Though one thing I could see.. is getting bored with that set-up after a few months.
  5. i

    ilovefishys17 Valued Member Member

    What kind of fish do you like?